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Pets of the Month

Buckwheat: This little rascal is 50 pounds of pure joy! Like all lifetime friends are, Buckwheat is unconditionally loyal and will join you on whatever adventures your life brings. While he is not so little in size, this snuggly three-year-old doesn’t let that stop him from crawling right into your lap!


Tux: Sweet Tux is a talkative kitty who wants to be the center of your universe. She loves to play and sometimes gets a little carried away in her alter-ego as a jungle cat, so she will need a family who will let her come back down to earth on her own time. When Tux isn’t hunting play mice and climbing her cat trees, she enjoys getting chest rubs and daydreaming out the window.


Sugarsnap: Do you wish they all could be California girls? Then say hello to Sugarsnap! Sugarsnap is a California shorthair rabbit, a little over one year old. You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to this unforgettable California girl. She’s undeniable- fine, fresh, fierce- she’s got it unlocked. If you’re looking for a fabulous bunny to share your champagne lifestyle with, come visit Sugarsnap today!

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