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Answers About Love and Money

By Peggie Arvidson

Answers About Love and Money

Thirteen years of reading hands and doing spiritual work and I know for sure that Spirit is accessible to everyone. How do I know this? Because whenever I’m tapped in to do my readings and give my client a particular bit of insight they often say, “Hey, yeah, I was just thinking that the other day.” They also tell me about songs they’ve heard that relate specifically to their question as well as dreams or conversations that have come out of the blue that were word for word what I just said.

I’m not eavesdropping on their conversations, following them around their respective countries and cities I’m simply listening and relaying information that they may not have been willing to hear on their own.

In a perfect world, we’d all listen and trust our Guidance System – what I refer to as Spirit. But heck, we all know this world isn’t perfect. So here are some of the universal messages that come through time and time again in response to the most common questions I hear.

Question: Will we be together a long time?

Answer: Time is a linear abstract created by humans to help them feel more grounded and in control. It’s not real. (I know, try telling that your boss when she wants you at your desk on time!) That being said Spirit likes to point out that there is no such thing as “long” or “short” time – either for our length on Earth or our time with people who are currently in our lives. This isn’t because one person is bad and another is good. It isn’t because the relationship itself isn’t worthwhile – it’s because like everything else in your human experience there’s a reason for it happening. When the work is done, it’s done. Some relationships lasts decades in human time and others just a few months. It’s all the same. You have been working with and interacting with the soul of that other human for millennia. It won’t “stop” just because the time ends here. The goal in each relationship is to be fully committed to being present in the here and now. Not focusing on what happened in the past and resisting the temptation to try to manipulate or figure out what will happen in the future. All that does is drag you away from the purpose of the present moment, in the present relationship.

This answer is a good look into to how to answer questions such as, “Will he and I get married?” “Will things work out with my twin flame?” and others on this topic.

Question: Will I get the money I need?

Answer: Money, Money, Money – it seems to make the world go around and no doubt life is easier when you have enough to pay for what you want. However simply having enough doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not present to how you’re living and what you’re distracting yourself with. You could be distracting yourself with champagne and caviar or you could be distracting yourself bemoaning not having enough money. It’s all distraction from your purpose and reason for being here. The question is flawed because the money you think you need is usually not what you need. What you need is health and joy and happiness. People joke that even though money can’t buy happiness it would make you happier in your misery! It’s not true though. Until you are grounded and clear on what makes you happy and you become expansive in sharing what you do have it’s just harder to get money to flow to you. (I have some really fun first-person examples of this if you want to hear them!) Money follows fun. It always has and always will. Money likes to be around people who are joy-filled and open to celebrating everything that flows to them – even if it’s a penny they find on the street!

Money also likes people who are clear on what they have, what they need and what they would love to have it the opportunity came up. In other words, be a good steward of your money and money will enjoy being with you. Budget and stick to what you’ve come up with. Resist the temptation to spend what you don’t have because you then find yourself praying for more just to pay for what you already have and in many cases have already discarded or forgotten you had in the first place.

Money in and of itself will never be enough. Fill yourself with the joy and love you need and then find peace knowing that what you most desire is making its way to you.

There you have it – Money and love are the two topics that come up over and over again during readings. Answers come through the connection we all have to Spirit. They are not rocket science. Yet with think that Spirit is going to come up with a magic potion to change our lives around. Spirit is always willing to help if you’re willing to help yourself and ask for assistance.

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