Higher Power by Coldplay

By Ron Powers Higher Power by Coldplay I typically don’t pay much attention to Coldplay. Sure, they’re a well-put-together band, but it’s been a while since they’ve raised my eyebrows. That is until “Higher Power”, the band’s latest single, was released. This song stands out in the crowd. It shows Coldplay pushing the boundaries of […]

I Used to Be Sober All the Time by Humans on the Floor

By Ron Powers I Used to Be Sober All the Time by Humans on the Floor They say that smiling relieves stress, helps you live longer, and makes you more attractive. It’s also extremely contagious. So, how could I not tell you about Humans on the Floor: a brand-new band with some of the most […]

“Don’t Walk Away” by The Heavy Hours

By Ron Powers “Don’t Walk Away” by The Heavy Hours Every month I try to talk about music that I love. Sometimes the pickings are slim and sometimes not. This month I’m happy to say that a band called The Heavy Hours have made my job very easy. In July of last year, they released […]

Piano Jam 3 (Ode to Kygo)

By Ron Powers Piano Jam 3 (Ode to Kygo) I was so excited when I heard the news that G.H. Hat–one of my all-time favorite artists–was coming out with a new single called “Piano Jam 3 (Ode to Kygo)”. We haven’t heard new material from this twice-Billboard-charting artist since 2018, so I was very excited […]

Hate To Be Amazed by The Matlock Twins

By Ron Powers   Hate To Be Amazed by The Matlock Twins I’m a sucker for clever band names. So, when one of my colleagues recently introduced me to a new band called “The Matlock Twins”, I just had to investigate. Once I heard the tunes, the case was closed. This band was guilty… of […]

Creep, Genius, Auteur

Creep, Genius, Auteur   By Miriam R. Kramer I just finished reading famed film maker Woody Allen’s memoir, Apropos of Nothing, in which he discusses his life from childhood to his current age of 84. I borrowed it from the library, since as a disillusioned fan, I was not sure I wanted him to receive […]

Dead Man’s Hand by Bad Flamingo

High Notes By Ron Powers Dead Man’s Hand by Bad Flamingo Bad Flamingo is composed of two nameless female members who wear Lone Ranger style masks and old school western-style clothing. They have the most mysterious and well-developed aesthetic I’ve seen in a band since the White Stripes. Like their image, the music of Bad […]

A Winter’s Tale by Pauline Frechette

By Ron Powers A Winter’s Tale by Pauline Frechette Pauline Frechette has outdone herself on her latest EP. A Winter’s Tale showcases Frechette’s unique aesthetic abilities and captures the feeling of the winter season in a way I’ve never experienced before. For me, the songs on this title express the silent beauty found in nature […]

Soapbox by Brent Cobb

By Ron Powers Soapbox by Brent Cobb Throughout time, great songs have helped us give voice to an endless list of experiences, emotions, and opinions. Whether it be expressing how we feel about a person, what we think about a situation, or finding inspiration, we’re drawn to the songs that help us express and feel […]

Cemetery by Run River North

High Notes By Ron Powers Cemetery by Run River North Los Angeles based band “Run River North”, also known as RRN, recently released their fourth single of 2020, titled “Cemetery”. The song highlights the exciting and timid first steps toward love between two people as their relationship blossoms. The characters in the song find themselves […]