When Live Concerts go Silent

Social Media Message When Live Concerts go Silent By Ashley Rosson As I was driving home the other day listening to my Spotify news stream, the topic of live concerts and the pandemic came up in discussion. With most concerts cancelled until further notice, musicians are having to get creative, by streaming performances to stay […]

Happy Birthday Shelter Pooches!

By Ashley Rosson Happy Birthday Shelter Pooches! Since August 1st is “Dogust” 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs, I decided to focus this month’s message on how “Social Media” has helped animal organizations with donations, adoptions, volunteer help, and awareness. In the past, in order to find the perfect pets for your family, you would […]

Before you post THINK.

Before you post THINK. Ashley Rosson T-is it True? H- Is it Helpful? I- Is it inspiring? N-Is it Necessary? K- Is it Kind? Social Media isn’t just for sharing fun selfies or bragging about your vacation plans anymore. The line between our digital and real lives has blurred, leaving many feeling the undeniable sting […]

When We Need it the Most!

When We Need it the Most! By Ashley Rosson Let us talk about some good things, I’ve compiled some of the best “feel good” social media stories to let us escape the “beer” virus. Facebook helped save a 3-year-old’s vision. After Tara Taylor uploaded a photo of her daughter, Rylee, to Facebook, a friend reached out about […]

Instagram and the Restaurant Industry

Instagram and the Restaurant Industry By Ashley Rosson Have you noticed how restaurants and public places are becoming more “Instagrammable”? Suddenly there is a new neon sign on a back wall, a collection of plants framed into a square shot. In some ways, it seems a little forced- but then again, with so many people […]

Honeymoon at Galaxycon

Honeymoon at Galaxycon By Ashley Rosson If you have been reading my column over the past 3 years, you would know that every year I attend Raleigh Supercon and share my experiences.  This past year the Supercon was bought out and changed to Galaxycon.  It is the one time of the year I stray from […]

Facebook Jail

Facebook Jail By Julie Reardon   Have you ever been in a really toxic relationship? If not, we all know someone who can’t seem to break it off with a partner who is obviously and completely a bad fit. What is the appeal of these overbearing, controlling and morally bankrupt types that would spy, stalk, […]

Relationships and Social Media

Relationships and Social Media By Ashley Schultz OTC0219 Stock Photos Social Media has not only changed the way people express their opinions, the way companies reach out to potential consumers, and political campaigns. It has also changed the way some significant others relationships either flourish or suffer. Here are some ways that Social Media and […]

Stan Lee: The Superhero of Superheroes!

Stan Lee: The Superhero of Superheroes! By Ashley Schultz If any of you have been following my column the past two years, you would know that I am a pop culture junkie. Every year I write about going to AwesomeCon, a convention of comic books, movies, and all things pop culture.  Well this past November […]

SuperCon 2.0

SuperCon 2.0 By Ashley Schultz It comes to that time of year, where Ashley goes a little off topic, and discusses her ventures at “SuperCon.” Last year was the first year for “SuperCon,”in Raleigh, NC; it proved a success and this year undoubtedly reassured that it’s not only good for Raleigh, but good for those […]