Memorial Day and Social Media

Memorial Day and Social Media By Ashley Schultz Rosson              For many in the U.S., Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of summer. Three-day weekends with pool parties, BBQ and family gatherings have been a tradition for decades for many American families. Yet, we often forget the real reason for Memorial Day, it is a […]

Streaming into Normalcy

Streaming into Normalcy Ashley Rosson             Now that we are slowly and hopefully coming out of this Pandemic and where we can get out of our houses more often, let’s talk about something that was there for us while we were hunkered down in our homes – streaming services. More and more people are switching […]

Positive Social Media Stories

Positive Social Media Stories Ashley Rosson Lately, a lot of negativity has been posted on Social Media, but there are good deeds being done by ordinary people online daily. Here are some heartwarming tales from social media over the past few years. A Heroic Seeing-Eye Dog Gets a Second Chance: Cecil Williams lost consciousness and […]

How to Celebrate the Holidays Virtually!

How to Celebrate the Holidays Virtually! By Ashley Rosson Unfortunately, as COVID rears its ugly head again, a lot of us will be quarantined to our state or even our houses and not able to visit family members for the Holidays! I decided to scour the Internet to find some of the best ways to […]

Learn How to Cook, Social Media Style!

By Ashley Rosson Learn How to Cook, Social Media Style! In the past, your only teaching tools when it came to cooking were hardcover recipe books, note cards from family members, and anyone you knew who was able to cook really well. While those are all still things you can take advantage of in order […]

Turn off those Social Media Notifications

Turn off those Social Media Notifications By Ashley Rosson Ding, Ding, Ding! Most of us all know that noise all too well. You just posted a cute picture of your cat, you shared an interesting article regarding some national news, you announced your engagement, and now everyone is letting you know how they feel about […]

When Live Concerts go Silent

Social Media Message When Live Concerts go Silent By Ashley Rosson As I was driving home the other day listening to my Spotify news stream, the topic of live concerts and the pandemic came up in discussion. With most concerts cancelled until further notice, musicians are having to get creative, by streaming performances to stay […]

Happy Birthday Shelter Pooches!

By Ashley Rosson Happy Birthday Shelter Pooches! Since August 1st is “Dogust” 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs, I decided to focus this month’s message on how “Social Media” has helped animal organizations with donations, adoptions, volunteer help, and awareness. In the past, in order to find the perfect pets for your family, you would […]

Before you post THINK.

Before you post THINK. Ashley Rosson T-is it True? H- Is it Helpful? I- Is it inspiring? N-Is it Necessary? K- Is it Kind? Social Media isn’t just for sharing fun selfies or bragging about your vacation plans anymore. The line between our digital and real lives has blurred, leaving many feeling the undeniable sting […]

When We Need it the Most!

When We Need it the Most! By Ashley Rosson Let us talk about some good things, I’ve compiled some of the best “feel good” social media stories to let us escape the “beer” virus. Facebook helped save a 3-year-old’s vision. After Tara Taylor uploaded a photo of her daughter, Rylee, to Facebook, a friend reached out about […]