What is Terroir and Why Does it Matter?

By Doug Fabbioli   What is Terroir and Why Does it Matter? One of the nice things about social media is that we can have some thought-provoking discussions without having to be together in the same room. Yes, sometimes we get some trolls or ridiculous characters spouting off their opinions so they feel better, but […]

We Farm – We Don’t Hibernate

By Doug Fabbioli We Farm – We Don’t Hibernate Many folks may think that farmers get to hibernate for the winter months until the sun warms the ground back up to a reasonable temperature in the spring. Mother Nature gives us a grand season each year to reap the sunshine and turn it into a […]

Once the Grapes are in…

Exploring VA Wines By Doug Fabbioli Once the Grapes are in… Sometimes winemaking is one giant game of Tetris. There are so many moving parts, and each one is vital to the process, but it can be challenging to get them all happening in the order that’s necessary for a good outcome. Harvest is an […]

Cowboy Up

By Doug Fabbioli Cowboy Up The iconic image of a cowboy and his horse silhouetted against a setting sun, his head heavy from a long day on the range, has been used to represent so many products and thoughts over the decades that it might be worn out. I think the image still says a […]

The Art of the Blend

By Doug Fabbioli The Art of the Blend One of the skills that I was fortunate to learn a number of decades ago was the process of blending wines. Blending is something that has happened in the industry for many generations: the French have their Bordeaux and Rhône blends, the Italians blend Chianti, Tuscans, and […]

The Vintage Continues…

By Doug Fabbioli The Vintage Continues… 2020 has certainly been a challenging year across the board. We always try to make the most we can of what Mother Nature gives us but this year, with the late spring frosts and heavy summer heat, nothing has been fruitful or easy. Years from now when we drink […]

From Saturday On the Farm to Working the Vineyard

Exploring VA Wines By Doug Fabbioli From Saturday On the Farm to Working the Vineyard If you have been following me for a while, you realize that I try to do a little more than making and selling a bottle of wine. I was lucky enough to recognize at an early age that the wine industry is […]

You Take What You Get

By Doug Fabbioli You Take What You Get Over the past few decades we have had some great times growing a culture and an economy around agriculture. Combining history, open spaces, celebrations, weekend getaways, retreats, culinary artistry, craft beverages, performing arts, and nature in a way that allows us to create a respite zone for […]

Entrepreneurism Encouraged

By Doug Fabbioli Entrepreneurism Encouraged Clearly our springtime work on the farm has been a bit disrupted by the current circumstances of the pandemic and how our lifestyles have changed. Our vibrant rural economy, focused on hospitality and tourism, has been dropped on its head. The business owners, managers, association heads and politicians have been […]

Spring has clearly Sprung!

By Doug Fabbioli Spring has clearly Sprung! I turned around the other day and Mother Nature had caught me napping. Now, I know that we had a very mild winter, and my crew was able to keep up with most of the winter pruning, but things are really greening up now! For us on the […]