Split Personalities – Returning to the Bar Post Pandemic

By Bob Tagert Split Personalities – Returning to the Bar Post Pandemic This time last year we were knee deep in the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants were working at twenty-five percent capacity, the bars were shut down and retail shops were limited to a few customers at a time. Now, a year later, the restaurants are […]

Michael Kuegler – He has the right touch!

By Bob Tagert Michael Kuegler – He has the right touch! For over 33 years we have written personality profiles about people we have met, read about or heard about. This is the first time I have gone into a situation that I was fearing and I had already tagged the person who was going […]

An Interview with Mother Nature

An Interview with Mother Nature New York Times foreign affairs columnist, Thomas L. Friedman, shares what the environment can teach us about thriving in an age of disruption in a conversation with James Manyika about his interview with Mother Nature. Thomas L. Friedman: Thinking about climate change, “good” or “bad” are not in my vocabulary because [it’s] […]

Sean McCaskey – Rocker, Dreamer, Whiskey Maker

By Bob Tagert Sean McCaskey – Rocker, Dreamer, Whiskey Maker If you have read the Old Town Crier in the past you have probably seen one of our articles featuring Rick Wasmund, founder of Copper Fox Distillery. This month we spotlight his business partner, Sean McCaskey. Sean is the Art Garfunkel to Rick’s Paul Simon, […]

The Three Faces of Al Green – Restaurateur, Rapper & Rad Dad

By Lani Gering The Three Faces of Al Green – Restaurateur, Rapper & Rad Dad Who remembers the 1957 Joanne Woodward movie “The Three Faces of Eve”? If you aren’t an old movie buff or of a certain age, you probably don’t know that the subject matter of this movie is about a woman who […]

Jack Sharp – Right Around the Bend

By Bob Tagert Jack Sharp – Right Around the Bend I have travelled Route 522 between Front Royal and the wineries of Rappahannock and Fauquier Counties from the late 60’s on my motorcycle up until today as I deliver the Old Town Crier to this area each month. In all that time, I have never […]

She Screamed Like a Banshee

Personality Profile By Serena Ó Longáin She Screamed Like a Banshee What is a Banshee? Banshee (Bean-Sidhe) means ‘Faerie woman’.  A Banshee is known in Ireland as a female spirit who wails outside a home to warn of the imminent death of a family member.  Often heard before she is seen, her wailing is so […]

Jim Seeley…Singing & Cruising Through Life

Jim Seeley…Singing & Cruising Through Life If you have been in Old Town Alexandria for any length of time you may have, at some point, run into Jim Seeley at one of the piano bars over the years or maybe on stage at the Little Theatre of Alexandria. I first met Jim at the Morrison […]

John Pann – A Man of Many Talents

John Pann – A Man of Many Talents There aren’t many people that you meet and everyone else seems to like. My late partner with the Old Town Crier, David Underwood, was like that. Always a great attitude, always a smile and always asking “Hi, how are you?”. John Pann is like that! When the […]

Fabulous Felines – Peppercorn, Remy & Lulu

Purrsonality Profile By Lani Gering Fabulous Felines – Peppercorn, Remy & Lulu June is officially “Adopt –A-Cat” or more specifically “Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat” month and we normally publish info about it in the Points on Pets section so you may wonder why this info is appearing in the space that normally houses the Personality Profile. Well, since […]