Romance and Sweat Mark the Season


by Jeff McCord February is the high season on the Virgin Island of St. John. Our beaches are full and the usually quiet island bustles with thousands of visitors and more special events and activities than islanders can take advantage of. Two February occasions embody St. John’s happy, healthful and busy high season: The romance […]

The Beauty of Winter


By Julie Reardon   THE BEAUTY OF WINTER   All the things I love about winter would be a pretty short list. It’s my least favorite season even though as winters go, Virginia’s aren’t too bad and this one has been relatively mild thus far. The form of depression resulting from not enough daylight, called […]

Love at 48 Degrees


Love at 48 Degrees by Molly Winans He still tells people about it. “It was her idea,” he says pointing at me with a that’s-my-girl kind of grin. Apparently, having a high tolerance for physical discomfort is a sexy trait to some men. Men who are sailors, to be exact. Friends have it backward; they […]

The MGM Casino and Resort – It’s Grand!


By Lani Gering The MGM Casino and Resort – It’s Grand! The much anticipated opening of the latest addition to the National Harbor side of the Potomac River has come and gone! Traffic wasn’t half of the nightmare that was predicted – not to say that it didn’t impact late night commuters on opening night […]

Resolutions & Participation Trophies

By Julie Reardon Resolutions & Participation Trophies Every year, the Publisher asks us for our New Year’s resolutions. Since I don’t normally make them, I thought it might be fun to make just one for 2017. So this year, I think I’ll find someone or something to blame for every bad thing that happens in […]

How the South’s “Pirate” Helped Establish the U.S. Virgin Islands


By Jeff McCord   How the South’s “Pirate” Helped Establish the U.S. Virgin Islands   With the United States mainland more politically divided than at any time in recent memory, it’s interesting to look back at the impact of a real Civil War on the U.S. Virgin Islands. Most importantly, the adventures of Confederate naval […]

“No Shell Left Behind”


“No Shell Left Behind!” We are all accountable for achieving a cleaner Chesapeake Bay. The Oyster Recovery Partnership has a strong history of serving a pivotal role in restoring oysters and working toward a healthier Chesapeake Bay. The Oyster Recovery Partnership assists in designing and implementing oyster restoration projects that maximize ecosystem services that oysters […]

ICE, ICE Baby!


ICE, ICE Baby!   It is officially the holiday season and we are celebrating big time in the Harbor. My very favorite event is here – ICE! If you have been following this column for the last several years you know that this is probably one of the Delmarva (DE, MD, VA) regions most unique […]

A Christmas Story

By Julie Reardon   Merry Christmas from the Blue Ridge! A friend who lives in the mountains shares this story every holiday season and it’s one of my favorites. I only recently found out the author’s name since various versions have been around for many years, variously titled A Christmas Prayer and The Rifle, and […]

The Best of Nothing

Courtesy of Eastport Lights Parade Committee

The Best of Nothing by Molly Winans There is nothing to do around here in winter. Except for walking along the seawall of the U.S. Naval Academy, as neighbors and fit Midshipmen jog by and a couple hundred sailors breeze past in the Annapolis Yacht Club Frostbite Races on Sunday afternoons. Nothing to do but […]