Skip the Beach and Hit the Harbor

By Debbie Evans Skip the Beach and Hit the Harbor Take a Ride on The Capital Wheel, the Carousel, Water Taxi or Floatboat 360 at National Harbor!   National Harbor is the perfect destination for a safe Spring Break. Fun seekers can skip the beach and enjoy a safe Spring Break at National Harbor with […]


By Julie Reardon HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS? While we Virginians fondly like to claim them as our own, what’s called the Blue Ridge is the extremely long mountain crest that runs from just north of the Potomac River on the Virginia-Maryland border south all the way to northern Georgia. The […]

“The Last Days of St. John: Easter Sunday Sinking Feeling?”

By Billy Phibbs “The Last Days of St. John: Easter Sunday Sinking Feeling?” The Virgin Islands has survived for hundreds of years on a solid foundation of community based ethics, cultural beliefs and strength amidst a myriad of past disasters and a storied history of social indecencies and difficult times. More recently, Hurricanes Irma and […]

A Boot or a Camera….

By Scott Dicken A Boot or a Camera…. Have you ever dreamt of spending the afterlife buried in a giant shoe? Perhaps you’d prefer a luminous orange fish, or a miniature Boeing 767? I thought not. Nonetheless, those are just some of the infinite fantasy coffin options on offer in the Ghanaian suburb of Teshie; […]

Core Value

Photo by Dan Phelps/SpinSheet From the Bay By Molly Winans Core Value Let’s try some guided imagery to start the sailing season. Take a deep breath. Relax. Imagine. It’s your first big day on the water and a sunny, 70-degree one. You slip on your new Maui Jims and work your way up on deck […]

Cherry Blossoms, Day Trips & Marriage Proposals

National Harbor By Lani Gering Cherry Blossoms, Day Trips & Marriage Proposals Springtime is just around the corner and you know what this means? Cherry Blossom Time! With tourism being at a virtual standstill due to the pandemic, not nearly as many warm bodies will be clamoring and crowding into the area to witness the […]

These Countries Need Love Too!

Take Photos, Leave Footprints By Scott Dicken These Countries Need Love Too! Travel bucket lists are my ultimate clickbait. Nothing is more likely to have me feverishly reaching for my mouse than ‘The Top destinations to Visit in 2021’ or ‘The Most Surprising Must-Visit Locations’. I’m also a hard numbers man – which naturally attracts […]

Celebrate the Inaugural Annapolis Oyster Fest  from March 1st to 21st

From the Bay Celebrate the Inaugural Annapolis Oyster Fest  from March 1st to 21st The Downtown Annapolis Partnership has launched a new event called the Annapolis Oyster Fest to help boost sales for local restaurants, Maryland’s Waterman, and a Maryland-based brewery this March 1st to 21st.  This event has also partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to […]

Spring Break with a Vengeance

Caribbean Connection By Billy Phibbs   Spring Break with a Vengeance   How I wish to write about something other than the New “Covid” World we live in but unfortunately this invisible predator still lingers amidst our society much like a flatulent, still stinking.   Spring is a time of rebirth. A time to shed […]

Conspiracies, political hijinks, social disorder…COVID-19.

Caribbean Connection By Billy Phibbs   It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… As for 2020, it was pretty much the worst… all the time…   Conspiracies, political hijinks, social disorder…COVID-19.   The pandemic has been and still is the uncrowned king of 2020’s epic reign of disaster and disorder. […]