Historic Ellicott City – A Pleasant Surprise!

By Bob Tagert Historic Ellicott City – A Pleasant Surprise! This month’s Road Trip took us to Ellicott City, Maryland. Unfortunately, over the last five years the biggest publicity that Historic Ellicott City has gotten has been the devastating news of the floods of 2016 and 2018 but one would never know it was so […]

Snakes–the Myth, the Legend, the Pet!

Points On Pets By Jane Koska Snakes–the Myth, the Legend, the Pet! Everybody’s heard that the reason there are no snakes in Ireland is because St. Patrick chased them into the sea. In reality, Ireland wasn’t a good place back then to practice herding snakes, and it still isn’t today. Scientists believe there were never […]

March Pets of the Month

Jessie, Adult, Female, Brown Rabbit Hi there! My name is Jessie, and I am a cute little female bunny who really wants to find a home of my own. I love being around people and am not shy at all. If you pet me, I will be your friend forever! I am very soft and […]

Quieting the Worry Machine

By Lori Welch Brown I don’t know about y’all, but in 2020, unbeknownst to me, I upgraded my internal worry machine to a sleek new turbo model.  What a monster machine! It came with auto shut off, but it pretty much ran 24/7 and revved up with the slightest amount of fuel. One little thought, […]

On the Road- March 2021

Jennifer (Reardon) MacGill, her sister Julie Reardon – who is also a contributing writer to the OTC – and the December issue of Old Town Crier were in Naples, Florida for New Year’s Eve 2021. They rang in the New Year and soaked up some sun at their family condo. Jennifer and Julie both grew […]

Carpet Burns

By Steve Chaconas Carpet Burns Photos of fish laid out on carpet make a lot of catch & release anglers cringe. While there isn’t a specific scientific study to correlate laying a fish on carpet to fish mortality, common sense with complimentary science makes the case. Slime coat serves as an outer skin to protect […]

Four Things to Know About Risk

Financial Focus By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Four Things to Know About Risk Whether you’re already investing or are just thinking about it, you should understand risk and the role it can play in a portfolio. And although it may seem simple enough on the surface, risk can be one of the most difficult […]

Bringing Fish into View

Go Fish By Steve Chaconas   Bringing Fish into View “Fishfinders” don’t find fish as much as they find locations where fish might live, however they require angler interpretation. Subsequent generations with computers interpret sonar signals and provide views beyond the boat bottom to hundreds of feet around the boat.   It’s been 5 years since […]

The Importance of Planning

Financial Focus By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce   The Importance of Planning Between the COVID-19 pandemic, widespread social protest, various natural disasters, and several hotly contested elections, the year 2020 was one pretty much impossible to even begin to predict. Such a volatile and uncertain environment may make setting and sticking to an investment […]

Pets of the Month-February 2021

Xandra, Adult, Female, Brown Cottontail Rabbit   Xandra is a shy girl who is hoping to meet her best friend who will help her feel comfortable and loved. She’s a sweet bunny at heart and just needs that certain someone who can help her show that. Xandra loves treats and playing with her toys and […]