Snakeheads, the Other White Meat

By Steve Chaconas   Snakeheads, the other white meat.   If thoughts of eating fish from the Potomac River don’t turn your stomach, then concentrations of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), should. PCBs are linked to cancer, skin irritations and lesions, developmental fetal impacts, and disruption in hormonal functions. Eating fish is the major PCB exposure source. […]

Colorful Caladiums Brighten Shade Gardens All Season

By Melinda Myers Colorful Caladiums Brighten Shade Gardens All Season Tuck them into the garden, pop some in a container or dress up a window box. Then water as needed, add a bit of fertilizer and wait for the color explosion. The showy heart-shaped leaves of caladiums come in combinations of pink, red, white and […]

Invest In What Matters to You

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Invest In What Matters to You If you’re seeking the ability to align your financial goals with your personal values and social concerns that are important to you, social impact investing (SII) may be a consideration for your portfolio. “Socially responsible, sustainable, values-based, ethical, green, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), […]

Spring Forth in Hope

By Lori Welch Brown Spring Forth in Hope   The book has closed on the first quarter of the year and tax season is in full swing. Your fools’ jokes have been played. The Easter bunny came a little early this year—felt early, right?! Tucked behind those Cadbury eggs and malted milk balls is some […]

On the Road

Abigail Hopkins and John Pann made it a point to check out the southern most point in the USA and the Zero Mile Marker. On a whirlwind trek sponsored by Old Town Alexandria Eagles Club #871 to sunny Key West, Florida in dreary January, several local Alexandrian’s had a fantastic time. Entertaining themselves with the […]

April Pets of the Month

Honeydew – Pit Bull Terrier, Neutered Male, 1 year old   Honeydew is a hilariously goofy and absolutely amazing dog! This handsome hunk is intelligent, loving, and athletic to the core. Honeydew adores learning new tricks and will literally do anything for a piece of hotdog. This smarty learns quickly and is already learning his basic commands thanks […]

Brews, Booze and Bacchus Southern Maryland Style!

By Bob Tagert   Brews, Booze and Bacchus Southern Maryland Style!   With the few 70-degree-days that we had in February, I contracted a big case of spring fever and started to think of the work that I need to do on my sailboat so we combined a trip to southern Maryland to check out […]

How to Grow a Shamrock!

How to Grow a Shamrock! In the spirit of the month of March and one of the Old Town Crier’s favorite celebration days – St. Patrick’s Day – we bring you our annual column on growing shamrocks. We are sure you wnat to know the secret to growing these lucky plants! Stories have it that […]

Spring is Coming…..And so it Kitten Season!

By Jaime Stephens Spring is Coming……And so is Kitten Season! Spring is just around the corner and with spring comes kitten season.  Kitten season begins in the early spring and lasts until the early fall. With unseasonably warm weather in January and February (or in warmer climes), kitten season can come early, end later, and […]

Pets of the Month March 2018

Stevie – Skye Terrier, Neutered Male, 10 years old Hi! I’m Stevie! I am blind and a little hard of hearing, but I don’t let that bother me. I’m looking for a home with lots and lots of snuggles. My friends here at the AWLA don’t think I ever walked on a leash before so […]