Preserve Your Garden Produce for Delicious Winter Meals

Preserve Your Garden Produce for Delicious Winter Meals by Melinda Myers All your hard work is paying off with a bountiful harvest. Fresh produce is filling your garden, countertops, and refrigerator while the garden keeps producing more. Preserve some of your harvest to enjoy throughout the winter with some tried-and-true or updated variation of f […]

The Joys of Adopting a “Hard to Adopt” Pet

By Angela June Ohm The Joys of Adopting a “Hard to Adopt” Pet This title doesn’t refer to show breeds: it refers to those pets who seemingly nobody wants.  Who languish in foster homes and shelters while younger pets, healthier pets, and those who just plain “show better” metaphorically fly off the shelf. According to […]

August Pets of the Month

Adopt by Appointment at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria virtually on Zoom or in-person at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter! The AWLA is upholding ALX Promise standards to welcome visitors back to the shelter safely for adoptions and other community services on an appointment basis. Learn more at  Valley Boy, Senior, Male, Red-Eared Slider […]

Be a Joy Seeker, Not a Worry Warrior

By Lori Welch Brown Be a Joy Seeker, Not a Worry Warrior August has turned from the dog days of summer—carefree days spent floating on the lake or dipping your toes in the sand—to the anxious days of a pandemic that won’t leave us alone, political division, civil unrest, etc.  To some, it feels like […]

Are You Prepared for a Financial Emergency?

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Are You Prepared for a Financial Emergency? Mother Nature certainly has grabbed her fair share of headlines the past few years. From blazing wildfires in California to devastating floods in the Midwest, from massive hurricanes along the coasts to sweeping tornadoes across the Plains—millions have been affected by the […]

On the Road

The OTC has gone to the dog(s)…days of summer. Longtime Alexandria resident, friend and animal lover, Pam Schiffleger relives the memories of the August 2019 issue with her friends pooch on the cover with her border collies – Tripp and Storm – on a sunny afternoon at home in Del Ray.

Federals Fishing

By Steve Chaconas Federals Fishing Fort Hunt High School is legendary in Northern Virginia, and in many cases around the world. Known for exemplary academic performance and world champion high school marching band, its alumni stick together. There’s something about the bonds created in the land owned by George Washington’s Mount Vernon and in the […]

Skyline Drive – It’s Cool….Literally!

Skyline Drive – It’s Cool….Literally! With the heat of July upon us we decided to take a drive west to Virginia’s beautiful Skyline Drive with stops at our favorite places along the way. Plans for the development of the road date back to 1924 when a national park was planned in the Blue Ridge Mountains […]

Just Batty For Gardens

By Rita Jacinto Just Batty For Gardens How does my garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells… And fertilizer, you idiot! Gardens are a work in progress, at least mine is. There is no end to what needs to be done, what could have been done better etc. etc. The point is to get […]

Build Your Portfolio on a Solid Foundation

Financial Focus By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Build Your Portfolio on a Solid Foundation Asset allocation is to investment planning what the foundation is to a house or the chassis is to a car. It’s what everything else is built upon. And just as important as constructing a house on a firm foundation, having […]