Offbeat Adventures in Virginia Wine Country

By Matthew Fitzsimmons Offbeat Adventures in Virginia Wine Country 2020 was filled with cancelled day trips in the name of social distancing, but now the world is transitioning to a healthier place. It’s time for wine lovers to dust off those plans and get back to traveling. Virginia wine country is the perfect place to […]

The Chefs Behind Three of Virginia’s Popular Winery Restaurants

By Matthew Fitzsimmons The Chefs Behind Three of Virginia’s Popular Winery Restaurants Julia Child once said, “Wine is meant to be with food – that’s the point of it!” Nobody will argue that wine isn’t wonderful on its own. But if you really want to elevate your experience, it is crucial that you pair your […]

Virginia’s Exploding Micro Meadery Scene

By Matt Fitzsimmons Virginia’s Exploding Micro Meadery Scene This past February, Silver Hand Meadery was awarded 6 gold medals during the 2021 Virginia Governor’s Cup wine competition, tying for the 2nd highest gold medal tally of any winery, cidery, or meadery in the state. While this haul surprised many in the wine industry, in retrospect […]

The Winegrowers of Horton and Early Mountain Vineyards

By Matt Fitzsimmons The Winegrowers of Horton and Early Mountain Vineyards “Great wine is made in the vineyard” is a common cliché in the wine industry. Yet no matter how repetitive this statement seems, that doesn’t make it any less accurate. While winemakers are often the public face for most wineries, the vineyard managers who […]

Virginia Bottle Art: Crazy Labels and Great Stories

By Matt Fitzsimmons Virginia Bottle Art: Crazy Labels and Great Stories All bottle art is designed to grab your attention, but the best ones convey a message. Some           highlight a good cause. Others explain the winery’s heritage. A few just want to make you laugh. Regardless, if the art causes you to say “I MUST […]

Understanding Virginia’s “Natural Wine”

By Matthew Fitzsimmons Understanding Virginia’s “Natural Wine” Natural wine is a trendy term in the wine industry. It certainly hits several items on the hipster bucket-list. Some claim that it’s healthier for you than regular wine (unlikely to be true). Natural wine is often confused with organic wine (not the same, but somewhat in the […]

Virginia Wineries Breaking the Mold On Sparkling Winemaking

By Matt Fitzsimmons Virginia Wineries Breaking the Mold On Sparkling Winemaking Sparkling wine has a reputation as a ‘special occasion’ beverage – but this is changing. While higher-end sparklings will likely remain a rare treat for most consumers, a growing number of American wine drinkers are reaching for bubbly more frequently, making it one of […]

Virginia Food and Wine Pairings You Should Try

Grapevine By Matthew Fitzsimmons Virginia Food and Wine Pairings You Should Try Food and wine – two of our favorite subjects. The concept is the two react with one another, so finding the right pairings makes the overall experience more enjoyable. While you can enjoy either on its own, like any great team a good […]

Getting the Most from Virginia Wine Month

By Matthew Fitzsimmons Getting the Most from Virginia Wine Month October is “Virginia Wine Month” for good reason. A warm, dry fall can turn a so-so vintage into a stellar one…while an early hurricane can wreak a year’s work. 2020 has been especially challenging, be it COVID-19, vineyard-wrecking May frosts, summer humidity, or late-season overcast […]

Wineries That Will Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

By Matthew Fitzsimmons Wineries That Will Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Planning for the Zombie Apocalypse has never been timelier. Not long ago, the idea that a mysterious contagion could sweep the United States and cause mass chaos seemed confined to works of fiction. But now…planning “What If” scenarios like “Where should I go when the […]