Mommy Dearest

Points on Pets By Jaime Stephens Mommy Dearest With Mother’s Day approaching on May 9th, let’s take a look at some of the best, and worst, moms around; no, you probably won’t know them – these are the mothers of the animal kingdom.  Some are worthy of high accolades while others, like their human counterparts, […]

A Special Hug of Thanks

By Ken Byrer A Special Hug of Thanks As we passed the one year anniversary of Covid-19 lockdowns and the disruptions to our lives, I took a moment to reflect on how pets have helped us get through these difficult times. They deserve an extra tasty treat and an extra-long hug for the services they […]

Snakes–the Myth, the Legend, the Pet!

Points On Pets By Jane Koska Snakes–the Myth, the Legend, the Pet! Everybody’s heard that the reason there are no snakes in Ireland is because St. Patrick chased them into the sea. In reality, Ireland wasn’t a good place back then to practice herding snakes, and it still isn’t today. Scientists believe there were never […]

Make a New Year’s Resolution for Your Pet

Make a New Year’s Resolution for Your Pet By Cindy McGovern It’s a safe bet that many New Year’s resolutions fell by the wayside this year with all eyes focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. This January provides another opportunity to take stock, evaluate what you would like to change, and resolve to accomplish those goals. […]

By Pets and the Holidays: A Commitment, Not a Gift, and Pet Proofing for the Holidays

By Cheryl Burns The holiday advertising images are almost as iconic as the snow-coated driveway and a shiny car topped with a giant red ribbon. There’s a box with the top conveniently wrapped separately from the base. The pajama-clad recipient begins to open the package, the cover wobbles, and out pops a puppy. Or there’s […]

Animals In and Of Service

By Angela Ohm Animals In and Of Service Bomb sniffing dogs may be the first military animal you think of, but you must broaden your horizons to the sky and the sea to get a fuller picture of the animals who serve in our armed forces or are studied by military researchers to discover better […]

2020 Halloween Safety for Your Pets

By Steph Selice 2020 Halloween Safety for Your Pets As the October issue of Old Town Crier goes to press, we all continue to live with COVID-19 and its effects and remain unsure how the pandemic will play out. Halloween will probably still be celebrated by many families this year; others will choose to sit […]

The Bird is the Word

The Bird is the Word The perennial question – whether dogs or cats are the more popular pet – continues.  In these times, however, more people are looking at other options including fish, smaller animals such as gerbils, guinea pigs and hamsters, and birds.  A 2017-2018 survey showed that out of a total of 393.3 […]

The Joys of Adopting a “Hard to Adopt” Pet

By Angela June Ohm The Joys of Adopting a “Hard to Adopt” Pet This title doesn’t refer to show breeds: it refers to those pets who seemingly nobody wants.  Who languish in foster homes and shelters while younger pets, healthier pets, and those who just plain “show better” metaphorically fly off the shelf. According to […]

Tired of being cooped up?  Your pet may be as well.

By Cindy McGovern Tired of being cooped up?  Your pet may be as well. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been profound, with more than 100,000 American lives lost and over two million infected.  From stay-at-home orders, to social distancing, telework and school closings, the past few months have been stressful for everyone.  It’s […]