Oh no, not another tie!

By Steve Chaconas Oh no, not another tie! Here is my annual “Dude, don’t get Dad another tie column”! He might wear it…only when you’re in town or when you mention it. He really dreads having to tie one on for you! It’s Father’s Day, put a bit of thought into the gift for the […]

Angling Buzzes with Cicadas

Go Fish By Steve Chaconas Angling Buzzes with Cicadas Showing up every 17 years, cicadas enter the region with sight and sound and are expected to appear up and down the East Coast between late April and early June, as the ground temperature reaches the mid 60s. They come out of the ground, mate and […]

No Fishing?

By Steve Chaconas No Fishing? When Maryland Governor Hogan banned fishing and boating last spring and social distancing and limited gatherings stopped bass tournament anglers in their tracks, many thought that would be the end of anti-fishing pressure. Now two areas are extending Government control of navigable Virginia and DC waters. Just over a decade […]

Carpet Burns

By Steve Chaconas Carpet Burns Photos of fish laid out on carpet make a lot of catch & release anglers cringe. While there isn’t a specific scientific study to correlate laying a fish on carpet to fish mortality, common sense with complimentary science makes the case. Slime coat serves as an outer skin to protect […]

Bringing Fish into View

Go Fish By Steve Chaconas   Bringing Fish into View “Fishfinders” don’t find fish as much as they find locations where fish might live, however they require angler interpretation. Subsequent generations with computers interpret sonar signals and provide views beyond the boat bottom to hundreds of feet around the boat.   It’s been 5 years since […]

Guiding a Guide

By Steve Chaconas Fulfilling a New Year’s Resolution, fly fishing was on the table for 2020. Our fifth annual two-day small mouth bass fishing trip with Captain Matt Miles almost never happened. Traditionally my buddy Alan Friedlander and I schedule a trek to Lynchburg Virginia in August. However our trip last year was postponed due […]

Fishing for Holiday Gifts – Annual Guide

By Steve Chaconas Fishing for Holiday Gifts – Annual Guide Shopping for anglers is frustrating; but for the person on the receiving end, there’s a guaranteed stint in the return line! Choose gifts for on and off the water! When fishing expert AFTCO makes a hoodie, it’s a sure thing it isn’t just carrying a […]

Fish Headed For Cover

By Steve Chaconas Fish Headed For Cover For many, 2020 was a tough year. Anglers weren’t exempt. Maryland’s Governor Hogan banned fishing in March, April, and much of May. When local fishermen finally hit the water, the normally prolific Potomac River’s submerged aquatic vegetation was absent. Fish congregate in grasses and spawn, making it easier […]

Bass Fishing’s Busiest Angler Just Got Busier

By Steve Chaconas Bass Fishing’s Busiest Angler Just Got Busier Highly successful BASS UNIVERSITY (seminar series), Podcasts, YouTube page (Going Ike and In the Shop videos), along with the IKE Foundation (charity introducing kids to fishing), 48 year old full time bass tournament angler Michael “IKE” Iaconelli is tossing his line into professional kayak fishing. […]

Bass Fishermen are in Hot Water

By Steve Chaconas Bass Fishermen are in Hot Water It’s been a difficult tournament season, covid-shortened by Gov. Hogan’s recreational fishing ban. Many trails played catch up, having more tournaments in a shorter period of time, many during the hottest part of the season. With record heat in June and July, limiting bass tournaments during […]