Bass Fishing’s Busiest Angler Just Got Busier

By Steve Chaconas Bass Fishing’s Busiest Angler Just Got Busier Highly successful BASS UNIVERSITY (seminar series), Podcasts, YouTube page (Going Ike and In the Shop videos), along with the IKE Foundation (charity introducing kids to fishing), 48 year old full time bass tournament angler Michael “IKE” Iaconelli is tossing his line into professional kayak fishing. […]

Bass Fishermen are in Hot Water

By Steve Chaconas Bass Fishermen are in Hot Water It’s been a difficult tournament season, covid-shortened by Gov. Hogan’s recreational fishing ban. Many trails played catch up, having more tournaments in a shorter period of time, many during the hottest part of the season. With record heat in June and July, limiting bass tournaments during […]

Federals Fishing

By Steve Chaconas Federals Fishing Fort Hunt High School is legendary in Northern Virginia, and in many cases around the world. Known for exemplary academic performance and world champion high school marching band, its alumni stick together. There’s something about the bonds created in the land owned by George Washington’s Mount Vernon and in the […]

The Virtual Show Must Go On

By Steve Chaconas The Virtual Show Must Go On Fishing lures cast today likely starred at an ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) show. The industry’s largest sportfishing trade show is produced by the American Sportfishing Association, located in Alexandria, VA. Decades of relationships have been forged and loads of tackleboxes filled when buyers, […]

The Annual – Oh no, not another tie! – Column

By Steve Chaconas The Annual – Oh no, not another tie! – Column Dude, don’t get Dad another tie! He might wear it…only when you’re in town or when you mention it. He really dreads having to tie one on for you! It’s Father’s Day, put a bit of thought into the gift for the […]

From Go Fish to Don’t Fish – This Virus Bites!

By Steve Chaconas Round the clock news coverage, toilet paper hoarding, just about every business closed, March came in like prespawn and went out with social distancing. Worse than muddy spring waters, Coronavirus put a halt to tournament fishing across the country. At a time when anglers should have been taking fish photos, the CDC […]

Cyber Fishing

By Steve Chaconas Cyber Fishing National bass fishing magazines used to be the end all source for fishing information. The best writers and photographers shared secrets of the pros, the top 10 ways to fish any technique, and strategies for every season. These collections provided resources to improve angling success. However, the top publication, Bassmasters […]

Striped bass fishing cuts to hit Bay anglers harder than watermen

By Timothy B. Wheeler Striped bass fishing cuts to hit Bay anglers harder than watermen Critics question Maryland plan for ending overfishing, which also goes easier on charter boats Anglers in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries will be limited to landing just one striped bass a day under new rules approved this week by […]

The River Runs Through It

The River Runs Through It By Steve Chaconas The Tidal Potomac River largemouth bass fishery is the most popular in the Mid-Atlantic region and the United States. In its 63 mile run from Washington, DC to the Chesapeake Bay, the Potomac runs through 3 jurisdictions, 4 including the Potomac River Fisheries Commission. Over several decades […]

Consumption Assumption

By Steve Chaconas Consumption Assumption Blue catfish were introduced into the Potomac River as a gamefish in the 70s and 80s. Capitol Catfishing Captain Jason Kintner operates a year-round trophy catfish charter business. Can you eat blue catfish out of the Potomac River? Yes and not really. The River flows through the District of Columbia, […]