On The Road

Gal-Pals Daisy, Lauren, and Lisa share a sunny lunchtime walk admist the cicada’s song in Historic Downtown Winchester. Pictured here is the John Handley Library, a Winchester Landmark.

This Month In the Garden

By Backyard Gardener This Month In the Garden BackyardGardener.com is proud to be affiliated with the Old Town Crier and look forward to providing you readers with valuable gardening information. Since 1996, Backyard Gardener has been providing gardening tips, season-by-season, and how-to-grow information for almost every type of gardening you can imagine. Whether you are […]

The Blue Lagoon

By Scott Dicken The Blue Lagoon With the recent announcement that from April 6, 2021, all travelers – regardless of origin – are again welcome to visit Iceland (subject to conditions – see Icelandair.com for more information), now seems like the perfect time to discuss the country’s most famous attraction, the Blue Lagoon! The turquoise […]

Re-Discovering St. Mary’s County, MD

By Bob Tagert Re-Discovering St. Mary’s County, MD Now that the pandemic is winding down, folks are beginning to get out of the house, roll the windows down and hit the road. We have been writing road trip articles for 34 years and after this last year’s confinement, it is time to revisit some of […]

Publishers Notes

By Bob Tagert Last year at his time the COVID-19 pandemic began to tighten its grip. Social distancing was in place and face masks were mandatory. Restaurant seating was drastically reduced and bars were closed. Marketing for tourism dried up and retail had to monitor the number of shoppers in the store. Our revenues dropped […]

Saying “Yes”: Two Stories in Honor of Adopt-a-Cat Month

By Cheryl Burns Saying “Yes”: Two Stories in Honor of Adopt-a-Cat Month It was 5 A.M. and my mother-in-law’s newly rescued cat, a still nameless 5 year-old, was crying. I can’t see much without my glasses, but I could make out little white paws sliding in and out underneath our closed door. That was the […]

June Pets of the Month

Adopt by appointment at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Virtual and in-person appointments are available at AlexandriaAnimals.org/Adopt-By-Appointment. Beethoven and Mozart, Female, 15 Year Old, Red-Eared Sliders Why “Slider?” Beethoven and her best gal pal Mozart would be happy to show you! Describing the way they slide off of rocks and into the water, Red-Eared […]

Split Personalities – Returning to the Bar Post Pandemic

By Bob Tagert Split Personalities – Returning to the Bar Post Pandemic This time last year we were knee deep in the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants were working at twenty-five percent capacity, the bars were shut down and retail shops were limited to a few customers at a time. Now, a year later, the restaurants are […]

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

By Lori Welch Brown Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Dear Dad, This is gonna be a tough one—our first Father’s Day without you.  That was hard to even type without crying.  I hate this so much.  I hate not talking to you every day.  I hate not being able to call you or hold your hand.  […]

YAHOO! The Gaylord Will Open July 1st

YAHOO! The Gaylord Will Open July 1st When I got the word from our friends at the Gaylord that the National Harbor location was finally opening back up after the year-long shut down due to the pandemic, I literally did a happy dance! The Harbor hasn’t been the same with the Resort being completely shut […]