Walsh Family Wine: Loudoun Wine Country’s New Crush

By Nancy Bauer Walsh Family Wine: Loudoun Wine Country’s New Crush Walsh Family Wine opened last month in Purcellville, and the owners are feeling loved. What was once their side project – growing and making wine from a Catoctin Ridge vineyard just outside of Waterford – had exploded into farming five vineyards over 50 acres […]

Mediterranean Cellars Wins Big Love at Fauquier Wine Awards

By Nancy Bauer Mediterranean Cellars Wins Big Love at Fauquier Wine Awards For years now, it’s been impossible to find a ticket to the annual Fauquier County People’s Choice Wine Awards. They sell out every year, and it’s easy to see why: no queuing in crushing lines, beautiful (indoor) venue at Airlie, tasty wines, and […]

Nina Tisara – Still a Force to Reckon With!

By Bob Tagert Nina Tisara – Still a Force to Reckon With! There have been many individuals that have had a profound effect on the City of Alexandria over the years and this month’s profile is one of kindest persons I have ever known to unite a growing city – Nina Tisara. In the early […]

9 Lessons from the Mat

By Peggie Arvidson   9 Lessons from the Mat If you’ve been reading along for any amount of time you know that I’m a big believer that life, or the Universe, likes to toss a few curveballs in from time to time to make sure we’re on our toes. How we deal with the curveballs […]

Blooming in April

Blooming in April by Julie Reardon It’s that time of year, when everyone’s invited for an up close look at the homes of the rich and famous in Virginia. Because, we admit, there’s a little voyeurism in all of us. We love to peek through the windows and behind the closed doors and walled gardens […]

The Language of Tasting Wine

By Doug Fabbioli The Language of Tasting Wine Tasting wine has been a process that many have made fun of over the years. You have to admit that it is kind of an odd process, seeing that we taste different food and beverages all the time, but don’t always put words to the process. When […]

Pets of the Month

Harper, Adult, Spayed Female, Calico Rabbit Harper isn’t one to hop with the flow.  This outgoing gal knows her mind, and if that’s set on snoozing the day away, that’s just what she’ll do.  But don’t think that Harper doesn’t love her people.  She, in fact, prefers them to her fellow rabbits!  Harper would love […]

Va Va Voom by Bangups

By Ron Powers Va Va Voom by Bangups I was visiting a friend a few days ago and while we chatted, my friend’s son was in the living room playing a snowboarding game called “Steep”. One of the songs on the game’s soundtrack grabbed my attention so I naturally “shazamed” it. The band I discovered […]

How to Maintain Your Lifestyle in Retirement

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce How to Maintain Your Lifestyle in Retirement You may have heard the rule of thumb that you need to replace about 80% of your preretirement income if you want to maintain your current lifestyle when you retire. But like many rules of thumb, that advice is much too general […]

Brandywine Living….

By Lani Gering Brandywine Living…. When we first decided to feature Brandywine in this column I knew it wouldn’t be like most of the other Business Profiles we have published since we usually feature small businesses much like ourselves.  Brandywine is anything but a small business since they have locations in 7 states along the […]