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How to Celebrate the Holidays Virtually!

How to Celebrate the Holidays Virtually!

By Ashley Rosson

Unfortunately, as COVID rears its ugly head again, a lot of us will be quarantined to our state or even our houses and not able to visit family members for the Holidays! I decided to scour the Internet to find some of the best ways to celebrate the Holidays virtually.

  1. 1. Cook at the same time over video chat! If some of your favorite memories is cooking with your family members, bring your computer, tablet, or smartphone, so you can cook “together” while staying safe in your own home! Maybe even make the same meal, so it will feel like you are sitting down to share a meal together.
  2. 2. Make some cocktails together virtually! You know you will be able to indulge because you are in your own home! There are even services, such as the Home Hire Bartender, that will send you all the equipment you need and will provide you with a virtual bartender to teach you to make some fancy cocktails! You, of course, supply the booze!
  3. 3. Open up presents over video chat. It’s always fun to thank your loved ones for a gift right when you open it. Wait until everyone can join a video chat, then take turns opening up present to ooh and ah at all the gifts.
  4. 4. Set a fancy dress code. Have everyone in your family get a little fancy to make the holiday feel special. If you want to stay comfy, you can always just be fancy from the waist up!!
  5. 5. Try a virtual game night. If you all have the same board game, you can set up your pieces and play like you’re together. Or play an interactive game like charades or trivia. The Washington just released an article, of six fun party games you can play over a zoom call!

Although, it is going to be Holidays like we’v3 never experienced before, there is no reason not to still be able to spend the holiday with your loved ones virtually. And… least this way you can avoid the in-laws or cut the party short, by saying your wi-fi went out!! Hope everyone has a great and safe Holiday season! Cheers!

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