Month: June 2017

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Weight Plate Horseshoe

By Ryan Unverzagt   Welcome back to another edition of From the Trainer! Hope everyone has enjoyed the summer so far with plenty of sunshine, heat, and humidity on the way. July has a couple of important dates to note. The first is the celebration of our nation’s Independence from Great Britain. The next day is my father’s birthday! There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this month which generally involves burgers, brats, and beer. Keep your health & fitness goals in mind while enjoying the summer BBQ’s. Eat and drink in moderation. Take advantage of all the local farmers’ markets by purchasing the fresh fruit and vegetables while supporting the area farmers as well as your health! My family farms in Wyoming and I know they appreciate when people support and recognize all the hard working families that bring food to your table. With that said, I’ll move on to another exercise that can help you stay fit. I call it the Weight Plate Horseshoe. It targets the shoulders and upper trapezius muscles. I really enjoy this exercise because it challenges your balance, abdominal strength, and provides resistance from multiple directions. Many variations of this exercise exist, but I’ll describe just one version. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart holding a weight plate at one side with your arms straight (Figure 1). I suggest using a 10lb plate for women and a 25lb plate for men. Using your shoulders to lift, bring the plate up and out to the side of your body while keeping the arms straight. Continue to rotate the weight above your head (Figure 2), and then slowly let it down on the opposite side in the same fashion (Figure 3). A few things to remember during the exercise: Control the weight at all…

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Exercising in the Heat: How to safely work out in hot conditions

Exercising in the Heat: How to safely work out in hot conditions By Nicole Flanagan   The dog days of summer are upon us, and with the warm weather and longer days we can all have a chance to get outdoors and enjoy some summer activities. Whether you are participating in sports or other physical activities during these hot months, it is important to keep in mind the potential risks that come with exercising in the heat. As long as you understand how to safely work out in the heat, there is no reason not to take advantage of what summer has to offer. There are many factors that contribute to how our bodies adjust in the heat. Air temperature and humidity play a major role in the body’s ability to regulate itself. Let’s say you’re running in 80-degree heat and the humidity is low. Your body will be able to regulate temperature easily because the environment is cooler than your body temperature—which is typically 98.6 degrees. Up the humidity to 95 percent, and your shirt is sticking to your body because the sweat is no longer evaporating. When the temperature outside exceeds our internal temperature, the body loses its only natural defense against overheating, which is the ability to sweat. The evaporation of sweat from the skin allows the body to cool down. However, when the humidity level is too high, there is less evaporation and therefore less cooling. This combination of high humidity and high temperature can be dangerous if a person is exposed for too long without proper hydration. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two dangerous side effects that can happen when the body can no longer handle the heat. Signs of heat exhaustion include general fatigue, weakness, nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps, and an increase in…

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Five Steps to Fabulous Summer Feet

By Kim Putens   Five Steps to Fabulous Summer Feet   Spring hits and we immediately toss off our boots and pull out our flip-flops. Undoubtedly we do this out of relief that warm air has arrived and because our feet need a break from winter’s confining shoes. But, most of the time, we really do not take note of the condition of our neglected winter feet. For many of us, it simply means a trip to the local spa for a pedicure followed by weekly or bi-weekly visits to keep them looking good. For me, the idea of a $60 pedicure makes me cringe. Multiply that by several trips a month … I have better things to spend my money on.   It really is not that hard to take care of your feet and keep them looking fabulous – all at a fraction of the cost. Uncover and Observe. Slip off your shoes and take note of the condition of your feet from the winter. I mean really take a look at them. I most notice my feet while doing yoga. For some reason, this is when I get up close and personal with my feet and take notice of their condition. I notice all the calluses that have built up, the rough skin on my heels, and the un-groomed toenails. Peel Back the Layers. Now it is time to get rid of the rough build up from winter.       Invest in a good foot file.       Most foot files dull out over time; most notably pumice stones wear out very quickly. While you might have to spend a little more money for a really good one, it should last forever if taken care of properly.       The best are those made of…

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From the Bay to the Blue Ridge, To the Blue Ridge

Apple Pie and Fourth of July

APPLE PIE AND FOURTH OF JULY By Julie Reardon   There’s nothing quite like the July 4th fireworks on the Mall in Washington D.C. But braving the crowds once every few years (or every few decades) is plenty for some, who might wish for smaller crowds and a more small town atmosphere. You don’t have to go far, most of these are within an hour’s drive of the Beltway and can be as simple as some fireworks at dusk, or a full day celebration with parades, picnics, and more. As the actual date is on a Tuesday this year, some celebrations will be held on weekend dates.   Middleburg Community Center has fireworks on July 4 along with some family friendly activities beginning with a children’s parade at 5:30 pm and live music by the Bluemont Concert Series at the community center from 7 to 9 pm. The fireworks are from 9 to 9:30 pm; more at or call 540-687-6373   To add a bit of cachet to small town fun in Middleburg, the upscale Salamander Resort and Spa is opening its lawns for what it claims is the highest and best spot to view the Middleburg fireworks. Its renowned chefs will be preparing smoked BBQ favorites available to purchase; for more information visit their website at or 844-303-2723.   One of the biggest fireworks displays outside the beltway is in Fauquier County; Great Meadow’s Fourth of July Celebration. Open all day, Great Meadow’s celebration includes a variety of children’s activities, food, a helicopter air show, polo exhibits, and much more. This year, it’s held on July 1st. No dogs, tents, glass or grills permitted; tickets: $35 per car at Wegmans. $40 at the gate.   In Loudoun, there are fireworks in Leesburg at Ida Lee Park,…

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Lee Jaworek

By F. Lennox Campello This month I want to use this forum to discuss the work of a highly talented DMV area artist whose singular work has come across my radar recently. Quoting from his own website (, Lee Jaworek “calls his art Artism® – seeing the world through the prismatic lens of Autism.  Lee is a young artist with Autism who tries to express his perception of the world through his art; the challenges — the triumphs — the beauty.  Lee is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Washington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Since his graduation he has been pursuing a career in painting impressionistic and abstract works.  His paintings and prints have been exhibited in the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Alexandria Virginia’s Athenaeum Art Gallery, and at the Paula Poundstone Performance/Fundraiser at The Birchmere nightclub, as well as other galleries in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Most recently his ‘Sunflower’ has been seen on CBS Sunday Morning as part of their sun art collection.  Lee has received a number of commissions from private collectors while currently continuing to expand his portfolio.  Lee’s Artism® is characterized by vibrant colors, balance, and impact. He believes ‘each color is just as important as every other color.’ Since an early age, Lee has been attracted to the basic spectrum of colors in the rainbow, and has incorporated them in many of his works.  He is intense in his execution, and definite about his selection of subject.  Lee’s sensory experience of light and color have a great deal of influence on his art.  Perhaps in viewing it, one may have a glimpse into an autistic person’s perception of the world — stunning, curious, perplexing, magical, beautiful — Artism® .” The first thing that struck me when I initially saw the…

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From the Bay, From the Bay to the Blue Ridge

Five Friends, One Boat, and Max

Five Friends, One Boat, and Max by Molly Winans   “…life is not fair. This is where happy hour comes in handy.” Even if you love your job and excel at it—even if you’re a sailing editor or something equally as outdoorsy in theory—there are weekday moments when you are at your desk, wearing long sleeves to weather the artificial chill, alone in the harsh realization that it’s a stunning, summer day, and you’re stuck indoors. You appreciate and need this job, but you don’t want to be stuck indoors. Butt in chair. Stay. You’re a grown up. It’s your job. Act productive. You should be out messing about on your boat or other peoples’ boats, washing your car, walking in the park, lounging on the porch with your feet up… anything but tapping on computer keys. It’s not fair. As your parents probably told you and as you may have told your kids, life is not fair. This is where happy hour comes in handy. One of my favorite spontaneous happy hour plans began with a Facebook post. Volkswagen enthusiasts may remember how the company ramped up its television advertising campaign in the mid-1990s. Among the memorable ads was one depicting a group of young people driving to a party in a Cabrio convertible under a starry sky and a full moon to the tune of Nick Drake’s song “Pink Moon.” That the songwriter died at age 26 of an anti-depressant overdose and wrote rather somber music doesn’t detract from the joyful feel of the ad itself, in which the Cabrio crew arrives at the party, looks at the rambunctious party scene, glances at one another in silent agreement, and backs out into the moonlit night to drive around in peace. At 9:21 a.m. on a sunny Friday in…

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Answers About Love and Money

By Peggie Arvidson Answers About Love and Money Thirteen years of reading hands and doing spiritual work and I know for sure that Spirit is accessible to everyone. How do I know this? Because whenever I’m tapped in to do my readings and give my client a particular bit of insight they often say, “Hey, yeah, I was just thinking that the other day.” They also tell me about songs they’ve heard that relate specifically to their question as well as dreams or conversations that have come out of the blue that were word for word what I just said. I’m not eavesdropping on their conversations, following them around their respective countries and cities I’m simply listening and relaying information that they may not have been willing to hear on their own. In a perfect world, we’d all listen and trust our Guidance System – what I refer to as Spirit. But heck, we all know this world isn’t perfect. So here are some of the universal messages that come through time and time again in response to the most common questions I hear. Question: Will we be together a long time? Answer: Time is a linear abstract created by humans to help them feel more grounded and in control. It’s not real. (I know, try telling that your boss when she wants you at your desk on time!) That being said Spirit likes to point out that there is no such thing as “long” or “short” time – either for our length on Earth or our time with people who are currently in our lives. This isn’t because one person is bad and another is good. It isn’t because the relationship itself isn’t worthwhile – it’s because like everything else in your human experience there’s a reason for it…

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Pets of the Month, Pets, Places, & Things

Pets of the Month

Buckwheat: This little rascal is 50 pounds of pure joy! Like all lifetime friends are, Buckwheat is unconditionally loyal and will join you on whatever adventures your life brings. While he is not so little in size, this snuggly three-year-old doesn’t let that stop him from crawling right into your lap!   Tux: Sweet Tux is a talkative kitty who wants to be the center of your universe. She loves to play and sometimes gets a little carried away in her alter-ego as a jungle cat, so she will need a family who will let her come back down to earth on her own time. When Tux isn’t hunting play mice and climbing her cat trees, she enjoys getting chest rubs and daydreaming out the window.   Sugarsnap: Do you wish they all could be California girls? Then say hello to Sugarsnap! Sugarsnap is a California shorthair rabbit, a little over one year old. You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to this unforgettable California girl. She’s undeniable- fine, fresh, fierce- she’s got it unlocked. If you’re looking for a fabulous bunny to share your champagne lifestyle with, come visit Sugarsnap today!

Behind the Bar, Wining & Dining

Behind the Bar: Matthew King

Matthew King City Kitchen 330 South Picket Street Alexandria 703-685-9172 Matt serves up the Bristow Lemonade – MurLarkey Clemoncy Whiskey, simple syrup, pomegranate juice, citrus bitters & a splash of soda.   Matt is behind the bar Tuesday through Saturday nights.   How did you get started in the bartending business?   I started working in a restaurant when I was 17 years old while I was attending college for a finance degree. I started as a busboy and quickly became a server after I turned 18 and fell in love with the business. When I turned 21, I was given the opportunity at the same restaurant to bartend and realized I never wanted to be in any other industry again (including finance!).   What is your biggest bartender pet peeve?   Calling out my name when I am noticeably busy. “Yes, my name is Matt. I hear you, I see you, I know you are waiting and yes, I will be right with you.”   What is the cleverest line anyone has ever used to get you to give them a free drink?   A regular told me that her friend had just gotten rejected on a proposal to his girlfriend. She asked if I could put a drink on her tab but really on the house. (The way she worded it, “can I get a drink for him, on me, but on the house). My response “Uhhh… no.”   What is the best/worst pickup line you have overheard at the bar?   The worst: “How much does a polar bear weigh?” Enough to break the ice.   Tell us about an interesting encounter you have had with a customer(s).   I have two.   A guest asked me to put lukewarm water in a glass and add…

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On the Road

Friends of Linda K. Glover of Old Town enjoy the Crier aboard SV Chalonia, returning from viewing the Super Yacht and J-Boat races off St. George’s at the Eastern end of Bermuda. The readers are Linda’s great friends Billy and Laura Williams who have a lovely waterfront home on Great Sound in Bermuda, and in the middle Lady Judy Vereker, wife of the former Governor of Bermuda.

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