A Study in Black and White

I love words. We find ourselves using words to attempt to express the human range of emotion, logic, and in essence, all human thought from the moment that we learn to form our first syllables. But, as a marketer I have to sometimes leave words behind and move on to another artistic medium: the photograph. […]

Time: We can’t escape it

This month I wanted to take a minute to discuss the importance of adhering to a schedule. This may seem like a strange choice for the column, but I assure you it is entirely relevant. Starting when we are in grade school we learn that deadlines are meant to be made, however, somewhere between the […]

Headed to a Networking Event? Don’t Hit the Snooze Button with Boring Promotional Products!

Networking events are a fantastic opportunity to meet with your fellow industry leaders, make new connections, and positively promote your brand. However, before you even think about handing out your personally branded pen, buyer bewares – put the pen down. In the age of new world creativity, boring promotional products simply won’t do. Whenever one […]

3 Email Marketing Tips to Keep Your Emails Out of Spam!

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, there is nothing worse than sending out a thoughtfully crafted email, only to discover that it was promptly deleted or put in the spam file. To help keep your emails in the inbox and your business in front of your customers’ eyes, there are several strategies that you […]

Mobile vs. Responsive Website… What is Right for Your Business?

Throughout 2013 the first question on any company’s mind has been how do I make a website and is it helping me attract customers? To answer this question, let’s turn to the most recent statistics on Internet usage. 85 percent of American adults age 18 years or older access the Internet on a daily basis. 63 […]