Headed to a Networking Event? Don’t Hit the Snooze Button with Boring Promotional Products!

Networking events are a fantastic opportunity to meet with your fellow industry leaders, make new connections, and positively promote your brand. However, before you even think about handing out your personally branded pen, buyer bewares – put the pen down. In the age of new world creativity, boring promotional products simply won’t do.

Whenever one of my client’s asks for network event marketing advice, I always tell them that, “while their business card might fit neatly in a box, their promotional product needs to reinvent the box altogether.” And so, without further ado, here are a few creative promotional products that are sure to get your gears spinning.

Photo originally found on blog.hemmings.com.

Photo originally found on blog.hemmings.com.

Picture Frame: What better way to hand out your business card, than by including it in a small picture frame? The back of the frame could be customized with your branding information. The name, date, and location of the networking event could be engraved onto the front of the frame. In this fashion, your recipients will associate your brand with a positive networking experience. 

Numerous coin pouches available for purchase on etsy!

Numerous coin pouches available for purchase on etsy!

Coin Pouch:
 The coin pouch offers a unique branding opportunity. It is likely to be used on a daily basis and seen by multiple eyes throughout the day. Did I mention that it could be used as a gift card carrier and conveniently your business card could be placed inside? Subtle branding combined with a colorful design make the coin pouch a creative promotional product that is sure to shine at any networking event.


Image credit to premiumusb.com.

Image credit to premiumusb.com.


Customized Headphones: Customized headphones are a fun promotional product that is rarely seen at networking conventions (unless of course you are in the tech industry). Statistically speaking, people probably use headphones at least once a week, if not every day. This means that your subtly branded promotional product will be in regular use. Given its creative practicality this particular item has a strong likelihood of inspiring a positive brand impression on recipients.

Well there you have it folks. No matter which type of promotional product you bring to your next networking event, make sure that it sings with creativity. Happy networking!


Written by: Laura Parker
Laura Parker is a full-time freelance writer and marketing guru. For more marketing tips or to schedule a free marketing advice session please contact her at laura@laurapparker.com.

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