Drugstore Junkie Part II

Every now and then it’s perfectly ok to splurge on products like a luxury fragrance or that sublime foundation you’ve been coveting, but most of us can’t realistically sustain exorbitant makeup spending habits. It never hurts to break your standard beauty regimen for the more affordable drugstore versions of your favorite must-haves. The only thing […]

Failure to Plan Means Planning to Fail

This has been quite the winter. Plenty of snow and cold to restrict our fieldwork as well as our customers coming out. I will give VDOT credit for taking good care of our road and even salting it a couple of times after the ice storms. Word is that salting a gravel road will break […]


As February 1864 closes, a cavalry detachment of 4000 troopers commanded by Judson Kilpatrick and Ulric Dahlgren breaks camp in Culpeper.  Their objective: to hit the Confederate prisons at Belle Isle and Libby in Richmond hard and fast in the hope of freeing Union prisoners.  It gets better – then they would arm the freed […]

Suffrage & The Woman’s Bible

In 1895 Democrat Grover Cleveland was in the White House; the US Supreme Court ruled that the Sherman Anti-trust Act applied only to monopolies involved in interstate commerce, and the Populist Party collapsed.  Cuban insurgents revolted against Spanish rule, American women rode bicycles, and suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton published part one of The Woman’s Bible.  […]

Emcee to Ice

After spending 6 weeks packing and planning for a 6-day trip to Raleigh, NC and then to Erie, PA, I awoke to freezing rain. Will my flights be late or cancelled? Airlines are on time just about as often as a teenager to an algebra class right after lunch. Hard to imagine why my airline […]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Well, sometimes, the answer to that question, “Can’t we all just get along?” might seem to be “No.”  Just as with humans, pets don’t get along all the time.  There are a few scenarios where you might encounter interpersonal (or should we say “interfeline”) issues.  The good news is that in most cases there are […]

Dealing With the Risks of Investing

Callout: Familiarizing yourself with the different kinds of risk is the first step in learning how to manage it with Description: Worried about the risks of investing? Understand different types of risk and strategies to manage market risk, interest rate and credit risks, and the risk of not meeting your goals. Investment risk comes in […]

Pets of the Month – March 2014

Well, hi there! You don’t mind if I just plop right down over there and check you out, do you? I’m Miranda, and there’s nothing I like better than exploring my surroundings and getting to know new people…especially someone who might want to scritch my head while I purr in their lap. And double triple […]

From the Trainer – March 2014

This month’s exercise is called the Bosu Burpie. This exercise is designed for general conditioning and keeping the heart rate elevated. It’s a more enjoyable version of the traditional burpie in that you get to utilize the Bosu in a non-traditional manner. Each Bosu exercise that I’ve covered so far in this column has required […]

Rappahannock Cellars Keeping it Real in Hume

Often when a small business enjoys success and grows it loses that special touch that helped create its good fortune.  A recent tasting trip to Rappahannock Cellars proved that Founder and Executive Winemaker John Delmare and his family have not only stayed true to their old world wine making philosophy but also retained one of […]