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Drugstore Junkie Part II

Every now and then it’s perfectly ok to splurge on products like a luxury fragrance or that sublime foundation you’ve been coveting, but most of us can’t realistically sustain exorbitant makeup spending habits. It never hurts to break your standard beauty regimen for the more affordable drugstore versions of your favorite must-haves. The only thing better than falling in love with a great new product is falling hard for a total bargain. Don’t let the affordability fool you—the shelves at your neighborhood drugstore (or even grocery store) are packed with beauty products that are on-par with their higher priced counterparts. And because they’re easy on your wallet, these cheap-chic steals allow for guilt-free experimentation and why-not-try-it impulse buys. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying to abandon your beloved Sephora or department store cosmetics counter; the trick is to make concessions where you can in your beauty bag. Seems like everyone could use a few extra bucks here and there, so it’s just plain smart to explore what worthwhile products your local drugstore offers. Whether your bank account is dwindling slowly (read: quickly) or you’re holding out for payday, drugstores are your saving grace with a plethora of high-performing, low-cost beautifying products. The mass-market brands have come a long way and nearly all of them have some seriously high-quality products in their ranks. To help you navigate all the budget beauty out there, we’ve compiled an extensive list of our favorite cheapie picks for hair, skin, and makeup. Scrounge up the loose change in your sofa cushions or skip that morning latte and you’ll be good to go. Rich colors, sumptuous textures, delicate scents — they’re all here, they’re all well priced, and they’re all you need to feel gorgeous on any budget. Read on for a handy guide…

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Failure to Plan Means Planning to Fail

This has been quite the winter. Plenty of snow and cold to restrict our fieldwork as well as our customers coming out. I will give VDOT credit for taking good care of our road and even salting it a couple of times after the ice storms. Word is that salting a gravel road will break down the road base a lot quicker. Often times, they will plow the big snows and just leave the light snows to melt or get packed down. Well, enough about the snow. We are deep in planning for the grapes this year. Between plans for planting new vineyards, taking care of established vineyards and contracting for purchasing fruit in the fall, we have a lot on our plates. At Fabbioli, the deer fence has been moved and we are preparing to lay out the rows for the grapes that will be planted in April. Most of our plantings will be Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese. We will be planting a few rows of odd varieties as well; Barbera, Sagrantino and Noire. In addition to planting about 4.5 acres on our property, we will be helping others plant as well. Currently we have 13 acres scheduled up to plant with clients. They are going through the same process of ordering posts, wire, hardware, bamboo and grow tubes.  The challenge will be in spreading my crew out to do all the things that need to be done this spring. We currently have three vineyards and an orchard to manage. We are looking to pick up two more vineyards to manage. I have realized that some of our fruit shortage in Virginia is based on the fact that some of the smaller vineyards are not managed well. The owner has a day job and the labor commitment has not…

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As February 1864 closes, a cavalry detachment of 4000 troopers commanded by Judson Kilpatrick and Ulric Dahlgren breaks camp in Culpeper.  Their objective: to hit the Confederate prisons at Belle Isle and Libby in Richmond hard and fast in the hope of freeing Union prisoners.  It gets better – then they would arm the freed prisoners, attack Richmond from within, bringing down the government and ending the war in one terrible swift stroke.  There were two prongs to the attack.  Kilpatrick will attack from the north.  Dahlgren, at 21 the youngest colonel in the army, will sweep around and come up from the south. Of course, things don’t always go as planned. On February 29th, the raiders reach Louisa County.  Dahlgren splits off with an advance force of 500 troopers and begins tearing up the rail lines to Richmond.  By March 1st they are nearing Goochland.  Heavy rain slows them and by now the locals know they are coming.  They lose further time as they stop to pillage the estates of Confederate Secretary of War Alexander Seddon and others.  Dahlgren ignores Mrs. Seddon’s pleas for civilized conduct.  Former governor Henry Wise, now a general, is in the neighborhood too, but his daughter and grandchild distract Dahlgren on the front porch; Wise escapes into the woods and speeds to Richmond with news that Dahlgren is no gentleman.  Dahlgren squanders more time burning Dover Mills and some boats on the James River canal. Having adequately terrorized the local civilians, Dahlgren turns his attention to crossing the James.  His guide is a freed slave named Martin Robinson, who grew up in the vicinity.  There is no ford, likely because the heavy rain has swollen the river. But an angry Dahlgren concludes Robinson has betrayed him and hangs him on the spot.  Now Dahlgren…

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Suffrage & The Woman’s Bible

In 1895 Democrat Grover Cleveland was in the White House; the US Supreme Court ruled that the Sherman Anti-trust Act applied only to monopolies involved in interstate commerce, and the Populist Party collapsed.  Cuban insurgents revolted against Spanish rule, American women rode bicycles, and suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton published part one of The Woman’s Bible.  Stanton, born in 1815, had been advocating for women’s rights since before the Civil War. “From the inauguration of the movement for woman’s emancipation the Bible has been used to hold her in the ‘divinely ordained sphere,’ prescribed in the Old and New Testaments,” Stanton age 80 wrote.  “The canon and civil law; church and state; priests and legislators; all political parties and religious denominations have alike taught that woman was made after man, of man, and for man, an inferior being, subject to man.  Creeds, codes, Scripture and statutes are all based on this idea.  The fashions, forms, ceremonies and customs of society, church ordinances and discipline all grow out of this idea.” “If from this hour we cheerfully and honestly abandon all sectional prejudice and distrust, and determine, with manly confidence in one another, to work out harmoniously the achievements of national destiny,” President Cleveland said in his first inaugural address, “we shall deserve to realize all the benefits which our happy form of government can bestow.”  After years of struggle, suffragists had little to show. In July 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton, together with Quaker Lucretia Mott assembled more than 300 men and women in Seneca Falls, New York to discuss the women’s Declaration of Rights and Sentiments.  Stanton, the primary author, was desperate for reform.  As a young woman Stanton was denied a university education: “He has denied her the facilities for obtaining a thorough education – all colleges being closed against…

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Emcee to Ice

After spending 6 weeks packing and planning for a 6-day trip to Raleigh, NC and then to Erie, PA, I awoke to freezing rain. Will my flights be late or cancelled? Airlines are on time just about as often as a teenager to an algebra class right after lunch. Hard to imagine why my airline advertises 80% on time performance. If anticipation of traveling 6 days wasn’t enough, how do I pack dual-climatized garments for balmy Raleigh and Erie’s frozen ponds? Guys have no problem packing shoeless. Wear what you’ve got on. Fit over fashion! Pounding show pavement or walking on thin ice requires wearing comfy shoes and packing boots. Even stuffed with socks they become an issue. A rather ambitious trip for me, the much less than frequent flyer. Airport prepared, plastic belt buckle, small tube of toothpaste and shoeless, of course I was chosen for a suitcase search. Just once I’d like to put some wet underwear for them to feel, likely resulting in a less than comfortable search.  To say I dislike flying, especially with today’s unfriendly skies, is akin to a toddler rejecting broccoli.  The first travel leg was to Raleigh to emcee a two-day Bass University with top bass pros. The last time I attended one of these events they used overhead projectors, placing items on lighted screens to cast a shadow image. Nowadays, younger polished presenters employ advanced Power Points and videos! Anglers pay $100 a day to hear 3 pros conduct two seminars each. Departing Raleigh at 0600, I was headed to Erie, PA for ice fishing. I was lost in the concept of walking onto frozen water to drill a hole, waiting for frozen fish to bite. I expected to reel in Mrs. Paul’s. FLW Kellogg’s pro Dave Lefebre took me from…

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Well, sometimes, the answer to that question, “Can’t we all just get along?” might seem to be “No.”  Just as with humans, pets don’t get along all the time.  There are a few scenarios where you might encounter interpersonal (or should we say “interfeline”) issues.  The good news is that in most cases there are solutions. You Can’t Teach an Old Cat New Tricks Let’s say you’ve just brought a kitten home and he’s terrorizing your older cat; chasing him, biting him, just generally pushing your older cat to the limit.  What to do?  First off, remember that your kitten is just a baby (or toddler):  he’s got lots of energy to expend, and your older cat is probably past that stage and just looking for a chance to snooze in peace.  Make sure you give your older cat plenty of attention and love, one on one.  And provide lots and lots of other stimulation and exercise for your kitten so that he doesn’t take his energy out your older kitty.  Get a cat tree or other climbing station; make or buy toys that require your kitten to run and chase and pounce, such as toys on strings (but make sure not to leave her alone with them because she may ingest the string).  Also, there are lots of interactive toys for cats such as puzzles and toys with treats that must be found and accessed.  Offer her chew toys, too:  they are helpful for teething kitties as well as providing an outlet for some of that energy. Off My Turf Another problem you might run into with multiple cats are turf wars. Since cats are territorial animals, each with their own area (which is much larger than you might think), sharing a small space such as a house can…

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Dealing With the Risks of Investing

Callout: Familiarizing yourself with the different kinds of risk is the first step in learning how to manage it with Description: Worried about the risks of investing? Understand different types of risk and strategies to manage market risk, interest rate and credit risks, and the risk of not meeting your goals. Investment risk comes in many forms, and each can affect how you pursue your financial goals. The key to dealing with investment risk is learning how to manage it. This three-step process will show you how.   Step One: Understand Risk Fear of losing some money is probably one reason why people may choose conservative investments, even for long-term savings. While investment risk does refer to the general risk of loss, it can be broken down into more specific classifications. Familiarizing yourself with the different kinds of risk is the first step in learning how to manage it within your portfolio. Risk comes in many forms, including: Market risk: Also known as systematic risk, market risk is the likelihood that the value of a security will move in tandem with its overall market. For example, if the stock market is experiencing a decline, the stock mutual funds in your portfolio may decline as well. Or if bond prices are rising, the value of your bonds may also go up. Interest rate risk: Most often associated with fixed-income investments, this is the risk that the price of a bond or the price of a bond fund will fall with rising interest rates. Inflation risk: This is the risk that the value of your portfolio will be eroded by a decline in the purchasing power of your savings, as a result of inflation. Credit risk: This type of risk comes into play with bonds and bond funds. It refers to a…

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Pets of the Month – March 2014

Well, hi there! You don’t mind if I just plop right down over there and check you out, do you? I’m Miranda, and there’s nothing I like better than exploring my surroundings and getting to know new people…especially someone who might want to scritch my head while I purr in their lap. And double triple quadruple extra-like if they might want to make me their very own kitty! You see I don’t have a human of my own right now – one of the staff here found me crying outside the shelter in a storm drain. I’m definitely better off here than out there by myself, but a real home would still be better! As you can see, I’m lovely and charming, about a year old, and I love toys and games — I’m not one of those lie-around-and-look-disdainful cats! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the Feline Union Contract requires me to add.) So if you need a little white & tabby gorgeousness in their life and lap, please adopt me! Are you looking for a fun loving companion that’s bursting at the seams with affection? Clarabelle definitely fits that bill and would love to have a new owner that’s ready to have plenty of fun going on adventurous walks, horsing around outside, and play with plenty of toys. Not only does this spirited young lady love playing with toys, she loves playing with other dogs as well. If you decide to adopt Clarabelle, be prepared to adopt the embodiment of fun itself! King Street Cats Adoption Calendar for March 2014 For details please see our Website: Or contact us via email at: King Street Cats 25 Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Every Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm-4.30pm Pro Feed Bradlee Shopping Center, 3690 King…

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