A Study in Black and White

I love words. We find ourselves using words to attempt to express the human range of emotion, logic, and in essence, all human thought from the moment that we learn to form our first syllables. But, as a marketer I have to sometimes leave words behind and move on to another artistic medium: the photograph.

Photo Credit © 2014 George Mucibabici

Photo Credit © 2014 George Mucibabici

Living in a world of Instagrammers, who are attempting to become the “Dorthea Lange of Instagram” through a pre-ordained list of color settings and “photo enhancements,” we have become brain washed when it comes to photography. And so, I’ve decided to take a break from words and provide you with what appear to be two very similar photographs. Either of these photos could potentially be used in an email marketing campaign, a social media blast, or as part of a print advertising campaign. However, their subtle intricacies create vast differences that would greatly change the marketing message.

Photo Credit © 2014 George Mucibabici

Photo Credit © 2014 George Mucibabici

The angle, depth, and height of the black and white photo invite it to be used as a stand-alone, iconic image. With only a single phrase or embedded logo, a powerful message could be delivered. On the other hand, the slightly closer color shot encourages you to play with the context of the photograph itself. I could easily imagine chopping up this single photograph, overlaying it with different versions of itself, and creating a very unique collage that would drive home a multitude of messages in a single version.

Two photographs. Two vastly different campaign messages. No pre-determined Instagram color schemes involved. Sometimes the key to a successful marketing campaign involves using words to carefully weigh your other artistic mediums.

Written by: Laura P. Parker
Laura P. Parker is a full-time freelance writer and marketing guru. For more marketing tips or consultation advice please contact her at laura@laurapparker.com.

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