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Welcome to Shepherd’s Old Field Market!

By Lani Gering

“Whether you are looking for that unique home décor item or special gift, or just feel like spending an afternoon browsing through over 90 shops and services in our 9,000 sq. ft., 2-story mini-mall, Shepherd’s Old Field Market (SOF) has something for everyone and there’s always something new!

Stop in and enjoy a cold, frosty beverage at our Brudergarten Beer Garden, a cup of coffee and breakfast or lunch at Botanic Coffee Shop & Deli or a burger at!

When you’re ready to work it off, check out the classes at root SUP & Fitness! Need a haircut? Schedule your appointment at Olde Towne Barbershop. Want to learn to play an instrument? Contact Leonardtown Music Service. Looking to add new artwork to your tattoo collection? Check out Starnes Ink.

It’s all here, under one roof! We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to seeing you again soon!”

The above information is on the opening page of this fantastic places’ website and it pretty much says it all. While the OTC has mentioned SOF several times over the years when Leonardtown was the destination for a Road Trip, we never really delved into just how much fun this place is. Coming from me, who isn’t really one who likes to shop for anything, that says something.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gerri LHeureux, the owner, and her right hand woman and Director of SOF, Dawn Campbell on this visit. These two ladies love what they are doing and take great pride in the vendors that they welcome into the mix. They also have a fantastic sense of humor. I encourage you to look for the creative signage as you stroll around the space.

This market is ever evolving and every vendor fills a niche of their own. Gerri told me that they make every effort to be sure that each vendor has a particular ware that is unique only to them in order to avoid duplication. There truly is something for everybody in every price range. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the very eclectic or are on the very contemporary end of the scale, you will find something that you just can’t live without here.

In the interest of space and so that you can see many photos, I direct you to their website and Facebook page for a complete list of vendors and events that take place at the Brudergarten.

About the Market

Shepherd’s Old Field Market is named after the “Shepard” (yes the spelling is different) family, who donated their land in the 1600’s to help create portions of current day Leonardtown.

The market is more than just a great place to shop. It is truly is a place that promotes mixed use redevelopment, community interaction, grassroots local commerce, and historic place attachment in Leonardtown, Maryland.

The current SOF Market building was previously the location of Leonardtown Building Supply, owned by the Miedzinski family. The building stood vacant for many years until it was repurposed into what is now.

Many of the items that remained from the days of Leonardtown Building Supply were repurposed in the redevelopment of SOF Market. Upon entering the Market, you will notice an original wood garage door that separates the shops from the larger open back area of the Market. Doors, windows, wood, fixtures, and other items have been repurposed into the structure of the Market in an attempt to maintain some of the historical value of the building.

The heart of Leonardtown is the Square that is on the main drag. Many of you may have frequented this part of the town and never knew you were only a few blocks away (very walkable) from SOF. Just look for the Volunteer Fire Department and keep walking behind it! There is also ample parking at SOF as well.

Shepherds Old Field Market
22725 Duke Street
Leonardtown, Maryland

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