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Caribbean’s Newest Reggae Hit Is a Love Letter to Antigua

By Caribbean Journal Staff

Caribbean all-inclusive brand Elite Island Resorts has partnered with reggae legend Causion on a major new musical tribute to the island of Antigua.

The song, Antigua Me Come From, is a common phrase of identity and heritage for Antiguans; a love letter to the island, it’s a message to travelers to “forget their troubles, to come take a load off their shoulder and feel the energy when their feet touch the ground.”

It’s another major video for Causion, whose long career includes touring with Third World, Rita Marley and Freddie McGregor, among others.

“Personally growing up in Antigua was the greatest experience I can imagine. I grew up on the water in English Harbour, and most of my childhood was on the water, sailing and fishing, and the freedom to do that was phenomenal,” he says. “Antigua is a place I have loved from the bottom of my heart, and there is no place I would rather be. As a musician and writer, when you go to Antigua the words keep coming, the artistry and creation keep coming because you find that place of peace.”

The idea of the song and video, according to Elite Island Resorts Chairman Rob Barrett was to “”give the people of Antigua and Barbuda something that shares the beauty and spirit and Antigua with the world for years to come.”

“This amazing collaboration between Elite Island Resorts and Causion captures the essence Antigua and is a project we can all be very proud of,” Barrett said.

Elite Island Resorts has a portfolio of five hotels on the island of Antigua, including Hammock Cove; the Pineapple Beach Club; the Verandah Resort and Spa; the Galley Bay Resort and Spa; and the St James’s Club and Villas.

“Music has a way of touching us and bringing us closer to where we want to be.” Exploring the concepts of happiness, and what fuels it, he compares the joy from acquiring material things with the lasting power of memories,” Causion says. “A lot of the things I experienced in Antigua when I was younger, those fond memories are still with me today. You can’t buy that kind of happiness.”

“Covid has brought the rest of the world and the Caribbean into a frame of mind to open up their eyes and respect each other more. To appreciate each other and what we bring to the table,” he says. “We also appreciate that people are coming to our shores. Now more than ever, in this world when nothing can be assumed, we are learning to appreciate, respect, embrace, and welcome each other.”

The song is especially poignant for the artist, in light of his recent, ongoing battle with cancer, one that sees him traveling monthly between Antigua and Florida.

It’s a battle that has put his island home in a new light, he says. “I go on hikes to experience the country in a way I didn’t before. It’s an enormous feeling, seeing it from a different perspective for the past two years, and I have found a new love for the country.”

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