Day: May 31, 2021

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Get Fit For Summer

By Nicole Flanigan Get Fit For Summer             Whether you are an exercise pro or a beginner to the gym chances are you have a few questions about your workout.  With summer just around the corner everyone is stepping up the workout to get ultimate results.  Here are a few tips to keep that workout moving in the right direction. DO:             Work out every day: You don’t need to be at the gym seven days in a row, but try for at least five days. To get a good habit started you must be consistent. Doing something every day even if it is just a little is all you need to keep up the motivation.  For the best results, don’t overwhelm yourself.  You should aim for 30 minutes of cardio every day and strength training twice a week for the first month or two.  Once this workout has become a part of your regular routine you are ready to increase your intensity. Set new goals: It’s easy for gym regulars to hit a slump and stop seeing the benefits or having the fun that kept them motivated in the past. Before you start dodging gym dates, find a new challenge: Sign up for a 5K, or plan an active vacation like hiking or kayaking. Keeping your workouts interesting and goal oriented will make it more fun and also give you something to work toward.  Breathe better: To improve your performance, focus on your breathing. Next time you are jogging on the treadmill or out on the path try inhaling to a count of three and exhaling to a count of three. Steady your breathing with your pace and you will feel more energized during your workout.  Something new: Many advanced exercisers can get stuck in a workout rut.  Some…

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For the Men in your Life….

By Genevieve LaFranc For the Men in your Life…. Some bite their nails when they get too long; others wash their hair with bar soap; and a few only shave for work or that all-important visit with your parents. Men, whether they like to admit it or not, follow a “beauty” regimen just like women, but too often are seriously lost. Everyone wants to look their best, but the men in our lives sometimes have trouble admitting they enjoy looking good, and need the right stuff to do so. This is where you step in. Maybe he would never indulge in quality toiletries and is more of the hiking and grilling type. Maybe your man already has an established routine with high-end products. Either way, it’s always nice to give that special guy in your life something he’ll love, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself. There’s something in it for us, too: a few great grooming gifts could tame his unruly brows or soften his scratchy stubble, and the gift of a few carefully chosen products is a lot subtler than a gym membership. Perfect for Father’s Day, a college grad, or as a thoughtful birthday gift, these grooming gift ideas are the perfect way to say, “I love you … but not your post-workout musk.” Unlike fishing gear, golf clubs, or another kooky tie, hair and skin products are the breath of fresh air he’s been waiting for (but maybe didn’t know it). They won’t end up in a cobwebbed corner of the garage, and he’ll actually enjoy a little self-indulgent grooming, not to mention all the compliments he’ll receive! The key to getting something he’ll actually use is to consider what kind of guy he is. If he travels a lot, he probably relies on a collection of…

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6 Steps Toward Your Retirement Goals

Financial Focus By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce 6 Steps Toward Your Retirement Goals What should you consider today to help you move forward? You want retirement to be your chance to get out of the rat race and have time for the things you’ve always wanted to do. That’s great, but what exactly does that mean? Travelling? Volunteering? Spending time with family and friends? Starting a business? Simply doing nothing? You may think your plans are just like everyone else’s, but that’s unlikely. They’re as unique as you are. As we’ll discuss, exactly how you want to spend your time will definitely affect what you should be doing now to prepare for it. However, there are steps that everyone should consider taking today regardless of their retirement goals. Here are six of the most important: Have a plan If you haven’t gathered your ideas about retirement together and distilled them into a cohesive investment plan, that’s a great place to start. Or if you have a plan stuck in a drawer somewhere, you need to revisit it. Whether you want to start a second career, travel the world, or just do nothing will make a big difference when it comes to what you’ll need to cover your expenses. The better you can define precisely what your goals are and which are most and least important, the better your plan should be. An asset allocation – how your investments are proportioned across different asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash alternatives, etc.) – should be at the heart of your plan. The allocation that’s appropriate for you will vary depending on a variety of factors. Primarily, these are what you want your investments to help you achieve (objectives), how comfortable you are with market volatility (risk tolerance), and how long it will…

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Exploring VA Wines, Wining & Dining

Father’s Day 2021

By Doug Fabbioli Father’s Day 2021 Over the years, I have developed something of an eye for the father/son relationship. I am fortunate to have had a good man as a father. Not perfect… but he certainly tried time and again to do the right thing. I’m sure he gained that from his own father. I have those moments where I feel my father’s teachings coming out in my words, actions, or attitudes. And I have tried to be a good father to my sons; not perfect either, I know, but I hope they will retain some of what I have tried to teach over the years. In a small family business, the father/son relationship is quite prevalent and clear. As I work with clients, suppliers and fellow business owners, I get to see the dynamics of that generational dance again and again. One of my suppliers is a fourth generation apple farmer and packer. Four generations is quite impressive if you think about it: we give our kids so many options to choose from for careers, but to have your children follow in your footsteps shows a real commitment on their part. Each of us gets to choose, at some point, if we want to do as we are taught or try a different path. Many of our farms do not survive the generational succession because the kids see firsthand just how challenging it is to make a farm pay for itself. As my friend and his brother work their part of the apple business, they have enough autonomy from their dad to make their piece succeed, but it could fail without hurting the main flow of the operation. Maybe that is a key to success and succession: autonomy and room to work. Many times, it’s the grandkids who take…

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Dining Out, Wining & Dining

River Bend Bistro & Wine Bar – Hiding Out in Hollin Hal

By the Gastronomes River Bend Bistro & Wine Bar – Hiding Out in Hollin Hall This hidden gem located on Fort Hunt Road in the Hollin Hall Shopping Center is definitely a place you should put on your “to dine” list…if you haven’t already done so. Chef Caroline Bruder Ross and her husband Bill opened River Bend Bistro & Wine Bar in the fall of 2013 after jumping through the many hoops that Fairfax County required and it was well worth the effort. While many restaurants located in strip malls get overlooked, River Bend isn’t one. Now almost 8 years later and surviving the pandemic, River Bend is a very popular neighborhood eatery. Billing themselves as an “American Bistro with Mediterranean influences”, River Bend has created a very nice niche in our local restaurant community. In our humble opinions, the menu is “just right”. It offers a variety of dishes that range from comfort food the likes of the Cotsold mac & cheese with crispy fried onions to the healthy poached salmon over a warm lentil salad. Unlike many eateries with extensive/overpowering menus, Caroline and Bill have opted to keep things simple by offering a nice range of snacks, starters, entrées and sides that fit on one page. Both the lunch and dinner menus have very attractive price points. Lunch $8-$15. Dinner $8-$28. Everything served in this Bistro is fresh and the bulk of it is locally sourced taking advantage of the seasons and the local farmers markets. You won’t find anything that comes out of a can or that is frozen – with the exception of the sorbet and ice cream – in this establishment. We have been dining here regularly since the day they opened and have yet to get bored with the selections. The menus change slightly…

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Caribbean Connection, From the Bay to the Blue Ridge

Kayaking the Mangrove Lagoon on St. Thomas

By Alexander Britell and Guy Britton “You always have that feeling of joy,” Sybille Sorrentino says, gazing at the wall of green just across the water. “It’s a three-by-two-mile sanctuary.” We’re at Virgin Islands Eco Tours, set on the southeastern coast of the island of St Thomas, an operation that has been running kayak tours for 25 years.  And from the moment you turn off Route 32, you feel it, too.  Paddle a minute or two off the dock and you’ve entered the frontier; you’re no longer in St Thomas — or so it seems.  This is the Mangrove Lagoon, and it’s one of the most spectacular settings in the Virgin Islands, a breathtaking natural gallery of mangroves and tiny cays abutting the ocean’s edge.  And what’s wonderful how accessible it is, equally enjoyable for the novice just off Highway 32 and the advanced kayaker.  And the choices are vast: you can explore the mangroves on your own and then discover the underwater habitat snorkeling; you can take the full journey to nearby Cas Cay, where you’ll find volcanic cliffs — and even join a hermit crab race. “You have that sound of the ocean and the waves, you have tidal pools, you can reach in the water and pick up starfish and octopus,” Sorrentino says.  Or you can return at night and kayak under the full moon.  No matter when you go or how you do it, it’s one of the truly great experiences in the USVI — an instant adventure in a rarefied place.  Sorrentino says the mangroves have never looked better, a renaissance in green just a few years after Irma and Maria’s devastation.  “It’s growing back so nicely now,” she says.  Of course, there’s an added bonus here, thanks to the recent debut of the St Thomas outpost of…

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Business Profile

Ice, Ice, Ice House Baby….

By Lani Gering Ice, Ice, Ice House Baby…. …Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats is settling in nicely at the newly renovated historic Ice House located in the west end of King Street in Old Town Alexandria at 200 Commerce Street. The long awaited opening happened on May 29th. Many of you readers may recognize the Goodies name from the popular Metro Van named Gigi that occupied the DC areas first and only vintage mobile eatery. While Gigi is still a big part of this operation, she has been relegated to being used for catering and private events. Clad in dapper plaid Bermuda shorts, stylin’ button front shirts and bow ties, the forces behind the Goodies enterprise are none other than Brandon Byrd and his side kick Rozell Moore. Byrd is the Founder and CEO of one of the “Nations’ top 4 Food Trucks and the #1 Dessert Truck” – according to the Food Network – and Moore is his Operations Manager. I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon and Rozell in 2016 when they were occupying one of the Kiosks on American Way in National Harbor. I was living in the Harbor then and the Goodies Kiosk was my favorite and it looks like this new location is going to become a neighborhood favorite in no time as well. While I was taking photos and talking with Brandon, several neighbors stopped by and expressed their excitement about having Goodies just a few doors away. As the word spreads, I am sure this will soon become an Old Town destination. The Goodies Mission Statement – “We are founded on a pioneer spirit of character, integrity and high quality; our company is dedicated to excellence in products and service to our customers”- pretty much says it all. When you meet Brandon and…

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From the Bay to the Blue Ridge, To the Blue Ridge

168th Upperville Colt & Horse Show

168th Upperville Colt & Horse Show This U.S. Equestrian Premier Hunter, Jumper & Heritage competition will take place in the shade of the majestic oaks near the village of Upperville, Virginia. The 168th anniversary of the oldest horse show in America will begin on Monday, June 7th and run through Sunday, June 13th. During this week, the nation’s top ranked hunters and jumpers will compete alongside the local ponies, sidesaddle ladies and racing Jack Russell Terriers. Fast Facts: Upperville Is… …The Oldest Horse Show in the United States – Since 1853 …“Horse Show of the Year” – as named by the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame and the Virginia Horse Show Association …A Designated World Championship Hunter Rider show …A week-long USEF Premier Rated show …A U.S. Equestrian Heritage Competition …A mecca for horsemen – a few notable exhibitors include: General George Patton, Paul Mellon, Kathy Kusner, Rodney Jenkins, Katie Prudent, Joe Fargis, and members of the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) gold medal team representing the United States, including McLain Ward, Laura Kraut, Adrienne Sternlicht and Devin Ryan. Event information sourced from the UCHS and MMG Management. SIDEBAR: Maybe you can make this look cool! 168th UPPERVILLE COLT & HORSE SHOW JUNE 7th-13th GRAFTON AND SALEM SHOWGROUNDS UPPERVILLE, VA GENERAL ADMISSION SPECTATORS WILL BE WELCOME AT UCHS 2021! COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA AND US EQUESTRIAN COVID-19 GUIDELINES WILL BE IN PLACE AND UPDATES ARE POSTED AT UPPERVILLE.COM AS INFOMATION IS CLARIFIED. ADMISSION AND PARKING ARE FREE! Contact Information: 8300 John S. Mosby Highway Upperville, VA 540-687-5740

Arts & Entertainment, Events

Alexandria June 2021 Calendar

Featured Summer Events Alexandria Drive-In Movie SeriesFridays and Saturdays throughout the summerAdmission: $40 per car5001 Eisenhower Ave.571-281-2083 The Alexandria Drive-In series, located in city’s Eisenhower corridor, announces new films every month and features a popular collection of movie classics and family favorites.  Food trucks will be on-site each night providing delicious sweet and savory concessions with online ordering available. “Sounds of Hope & Harmony” Thursdays at 5:30 and 7 p.m. Saturdays at 4 and 7 p.m. throughout the summerAdmission: $42 per personThe Rectory at Princess Street 711 Princess St.703-683-6040classicalmovements.comClassical Movements is delighted to announce their next series of intimate, socially-distanced concerts and recitals at the Secret Garden of the Rectory on Princess Street, Classical Movements’ home in Old Town Alexandria. “Sounds of Hope & Harmony” returns for a 40-concert season, extending through August 26th. Craft Beer FestivalJune 19 & 20 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.Admission: $40 for members; $48 for general publicGeorge Washington’s Mount Vernon 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy Sample craft beer from local breweries and see how beer was brewed in the 18th century. Enjoy concessions from the Mount Vernon Inn Food Truck, enjoy an 18th-century ice cream-making demonstration and more. Independence Fireworks at George Washington’s Mount VernonJune 25 & 26 6 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.Admission: From $35 for adult members and $45 for adult non-members; from $22 for youth members and $33 for youth non-members George Washington’s Mount Vernon 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Enjoy an evening of family fun and fireworks along with patriotic music to celebrate our nation’s founding. Tickets are available with and without Mansion tours. Access to the Mansion is by guided tour only. More Summer Events & Tours Taste of Old Town NorthThrough June 21stAdmission: $10 for a passportVarious locations throughout Old Town Enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood with this year’s reimagined Taste of Old Town North.  Passport holders will be…

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