Notes from the Publisher

Publishers Notes April 2021

Publishers Notes April 2021

On the Road to Recovery

March has been a busy month for me. After two aborted attempts I finally had my right knee replaced on the 16th of March. My knee finally went bone-on-bone after I shattered my right femur in 1968. I have never had 100 percent flexibility in my right leg but now we will try to activate muscles I haven’t used in 50 years. My 9 week recovery is happening in Calvert County which means getting this issue out has had its challenges. Distribution is in my wheel house but I am fortunate enough to be partnered with someone who can pick up the ball – magazine bundles in this case – and run with it. Many thanks to Lani for keeping it all on track. Thanks to Meg Mullery and Nancy D’Agostino for their assistance as well.

The weather this week has been beautiful except for an enormous amount of rain this past Wednesday. No worries, we needed the rain. Looking forward to many sunny days in April even though the saying is “April Showers Bring May Flowers”!

As you can tell by the image on the cover, the April issue celebrates Earth Day with an “Interview with Mother Nature” and some insight to the origins of this annual observance. I remember seeing John Denver perform at one of the first Earth Days on the Mall in D.C. Billy Phibbs gets us off to a good start on April Fools’ Day with his tongue-in-cheek “St. John is Sinking” Caribbean Connection column. In Exploring VA Wines, Doug Fabbioli shows us why it is important to “Get out of the Cab Once in Awhile.” Lenny Campello’s Gallery Beat column echo’s what many of you may be feeling with “I Wanna Go to an Art Fair!” A Bit of History reflects on a controversial issue as Sarah Becker continues her look at Climate Change.

Because of our immobility issues this month we called on our friend Vanessa Orr – who happens to be a very talented travel writer – to take us on a Road Trip. She did not disappoint as she took us on a tour of some of the more obscure museums in her hometown of Pittsburg. I am 74, when I think of Pittsburg I think of the steel mills…not so any more. Closer to home in St. Mary’s County Maryland, St. Clement’s Island Museum will host the first annual First Annual First Landing Wine & Arts Festival in partnership with St. Mary’s County Wineries. Mark your calendars for April 10, from 10am to 5 pm. In an effort to bring back Dining Out, or actually in, we took a quick lunch trip to one of our favorite restaurants and visited Kingfishers Seafood, Grill & Bar on Solomons Island in SoMD.

I hope this weather continues to improve. April is a short month beginning with All Fools’ aka April Fools’ Day on the 1st, Easter Sunday on the 4th and Earth Day on the 22nd. Pull a fun prank, eat a couple of chocolate eggs and a few Peeps and go the extra mile for Mother Nature. Most of all, get out and enjoy this short, but glorious, month! Spring is upon us!

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