From the Bay to the Blue Ridge, National Harbor

Some of My Favorite Places!

By Lani Gering

Some of My Favorite Places!

Not unlike many other months, here I sit wracking my brain trying to come up with subject material for this space. It isn’t like there aren’t tons of things going on in the area – like the second floor of the MGM Casino opening up and Summerfest winding down at the Gaylord – but I wanted to make this column a little more personal.

I decided that highlighting a few of the things in and about the Harbor that rate high on my “favorites” chart would be the thing to do. These are in no particular order.

– The statues on American Way with Marilyn Monroe and Rosie the Riveter topping the chart. I absolutely think all of the works of art, including the quotes etched into the walkway, on this main drag are impressive every time I walk by.

The Belvedere Lobby Bar in the Gaylord Hotel. Since the first time my partner Bob and I had our first vodka gimlets while watching the nightly fountain and light show, it has remained one of our go-to places. The bartenders and servers are top notch and the place is beautiful. They also have music on some evenings to add to the experience.

The Flight Deck and the Capital Wheel. The Wheel is another of my go-to places when company comes to call. Now that you can take an adult beverage purchased at The Flight Deck with you on the ride, it’s even more fun. The Flight Deck on its own is a great place for a beer or a glass of wine and the perfect place to watch the sunset and all the activity on the water.

Bond 45. From the first day they opened the doors almost 10 years ago to today, we have been treated like royalty in this establishment.  No kidding, we even have brass plaques with our names etched on them on the back bar. The new remodel of the bar area is very chic and they have live music on Thursday and Friday evenings. The place is classy and the people that work there are class acts.

– The movies and music on the Plaza. Thursday movies are “Date Night” themed and Sundays are “Family Night” themed. The various military bands that play on Saturday evenings are a treat as well. I am lucky enough to live where I can sit on the balcony of the ONH party room with my glass of wine in hand and watch all of this and, even better, the people.

– Friday Nights. During the summer and early fall there are all sorts of activities on the Plaza. Bobby McKey’s rolling piano bar, lots of lawn (Astro Turf in this case) games and a DJ and dancing make for a fun night. I try to take the water taxi from Old Town home on Fridays since these fun things greet you as you get off of the boat.

– The canopy of lights on Fleet Street. I wrote about these a couple of months ago. They really are impressive and they make me smile every time I see them.

This list isn’t complete by any stretch but I am only allowed so much space. If you have something in particular that is your favorite in the Harbor, let me know by emailing me at

The Wandering Oasis!

I didn’t think it could get much better when they started the Friday Night Fun on the plaza but….now we have the Wandering Oasis booze truck. They have cocktails on tap! Yes, you read that correctly…cocktails on tap. For a mere $10 you can sip on 12 ounces of adult beverage concocted from Jim Beam Bourbon, Cruzan Rum, Suaza Tequila or Sipsmith Gin. I am a little surprised that there isn’t a vodka on the menu but maybe I can sweet talk them into adding it as the summer goes on! The truck has a very happening tropical paint job and is parked under the first big tent on the Wheel Pier. There are bistro tables and chairs and banana palms to sit among while you sip and listen to some fun reggae tunes. You gotta check it out! Tell Alex and Eric I sent you.


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