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Health Effects of Social Media Use, is it Time for a Detox?

Health Effects of Social Media Use, is it Time for a Detox?   By Ashley Schultz So many of us are guilty of having our faces glued to our phones, tablets, or computers constantly checking one or all of our social media sites on a daily basis. Yet, has it ever crossed your mind that this constant exposure to social media can be affecting your health? As a social media “guru” I don’t want to convince you that social media can be a health concern to you mentally and physically, I would be putting myself out of a job, but I want to let you know that it is ok to take a break and bring yourself back to the “real world” every once in awhile! Recently there have been studies that have linked social media use to depression, anxiety, and isolation. Users, both young and old, are viewing profiles and pages of certain people and breaking under the pressure of unattainable standards of beauty and success that they see on others pages. Although sites such as Facebook and Twitter are supposed to enhance our sense of connectedness with other people, research has found that they actually have the opposite effect; they render dedicated users lonelier and more isolated. Only using social media to connect to people lacks major elements of communication, such as eye contact, body language, the changes in voice, and physical touch. All these elements are key in human mental stability. Social Media can also have an effect on relationships with family, friends, and our significant others. Things that we post on our personal pages can have unintended consequences. Comments or jokes can all be taken out of context, especially in a medium that encourages quick sharing and rushed reading. Nels Oscar, who conducted a study on…

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