Month: April 2018

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Health Effects of Social Media Use, is it Time for a Detox?

Health Effects of Social Media Use, is it Time for a Detox?   By Ashley Schultz So many of us are guilty of having our faces glued to our phones, tablets, or computers constantly checking one or all of our social media sites on a daily basis. Yet, has it ever crossed your mind that this constant exposure to social media can be affecting your health? As a social media “guru” I don’t want to convince you that social media can be a health concern to you mentally and physically, I would be putting myself out of a job, but I want to let you know that it is ok to take a break and bring yourself back to the “real world” every once in awhile! Recently there have been studies that have linked social media use to depression, anxiety, and isolation. Users, both young and old, are viewing profiles and pages of certain people and breaking under the pressure of unattainable standards of beauty and success that they see on others pages. Although sites such as Facebook and Twitter are supposed to enhance our sense of connectedness with other people, research has found that they actually have the opposite effect; they render dedicated users lonelier and more isolated. Only using social media to connect to people lacks major elements of communication, such as eye contact, body language, the changes in voice, and physical touch. All these elements are key in human mental stability. Social Media can also have an effect on relationships with family, friends, and our significant others. Things that we post on our personal pages can have unintended consequences. Comments or jokes can all be taken out of context, especially in a medium that encourages quick sharing and rushed reading. Nels Oscar, who conducted a study on…

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#DeleteFacebook and Cambridge Analytica

#DeleteFacebook and Cambridge Analytica By Ashley Schultz Cambridge Analytica, a dating-mining firm with ties to the Trump Campaign, is accused of purchasing personal information on millions of Facebook users, which was requested by University of Cambridge psychology professor, Aleksandr Kogan. Kogan was allowed permission to collect data from 270,000 people who filled out his personality survey through an app called, “thisisyourdigitallife.” This survey also collected data from the 270,000’s entire network of Facebook friends, which totaled around 50 million people. Facebook does not allow selling of data to a commercial entity, like Cambridge Analytica, which used the data to target political messages. Since this was discovered, both Cambridge Analytica and Kogan have been banned from Facebook. Karen North, a professor of digital social media for USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism stated, “People now feel that they were being spied on, and that their data and their privacy was breached without their consent.” Hence, the #DeleteFacebook has become the newest viral hashtag. Yet, what a lot of people don’t understand is that just deleting Facebook won’t solve the problem. You would also have to delete your third-party apps that have already and are going to collect your information and possibly share your data. Facebook is working on trying to change their settings, in a statement from Mark Zuckerberg, he outlined the steps the company would take to boost enforcement, including an investigation into apps that had access to large amounts of data prior to the company’s data-sharing rule changes and would complete a full audit of apps with “suspicious activity.” Until then, Gennie Gebhart, a researcher for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, offers some suggestions on protecting your data as much as possible. Unfriend people you don’t know or barely speak to. Be aware of what is publicly available from…

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Pets, Places, & Things, Points on Pets

Fostering Our Special Needs Animals

By Victoria Elliott   Fostering Our Special Needs Animals   “I fell into it by necessity,” says Lisa Velenovsky, a volunteer with King Street Cats. Velenovsky was first introduced to special needs animal care when she began fostering a kitten with congenital deformities. Like Velenovsky, Patti Gross, also a volunteer with King Street Cats, says her initial work with special needs cats was unintentional, when an undernourished and immunocompromised kitten was placed in her care. Both fosters learned as they went along, becoming a more valuable resource to the organization as a specialist in the field of special needs animal care.   What makes an animal “special needs”?   Special needs can encompass a wide range of differences in ability from the average animal. These differences can be: – Congenital (differences that the animal is born with) or developed over time due to age, injury, or illness. – “Invisible” differences, such as blindness or deafness, or differences that are obvious at first glance, such as loss of a limb. – Static needs – differences that are fixed in nature and do not require much change in care planning over time – or dynamic needs, such as autoimmune disorders, progressive diseases, and other illnesses where care needs may change suddenly or evolve over time.   Sharing a story of a time she caught Mitte, her foster cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, halfway up a screen door, Gross says: “Nobody told him he’s different. He just climbed up the screen like any kitten would.” Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a condition of an underdeveloped cerebellum that causes difficulties in physical coordination, often causing tremors and/or a wobbling walk. Mitte’s sister, Marissa, also has special needs – she only has three legs. With both cats, they have differences in ability from the average cat, but their…

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Master's of Cuisine, Wining & Dining

Master’s of Cuisine: Chef Darryl Bolling

Chef Darryl Bolling McLoone’s Pier House 141 National Plaza National Harbor 301-839-0815  Chef Darryl enjoys his succulent Rack of Lamb with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Chef Bolling was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Before beginning his career as a banquet chef for Hyatt Hotels, he perfected his craft and graduated from Pennsylvania Culinary Arts in Pittsburg. Working for Hyatt Hotels is where he learned how to be very well organized as a chef, due to cooking in large quantities and for hundreds to thousands of people. Later he decided to take his skills to work for Bravo/Brio which was an Italian concept. He was brought on as a culinary chef to help develop menus and open restaurants in different states. He was asked by Al Copeland, a man who once owned all the Popeye’s restaurants, to move to New Orleans in 2005 to become his Executive Chef for one of his fine dining establishment. In New Orleans is where he learned the creole side of cooking and the great hospitality the city gives. During the aftermath of Katrina, he was part of the rebuilding stage. He considers it a great honor to have helped them restore the city back to the New Orleans we all love today. He is now back in the DMV area doing what he loves to do…..”cook!” What inspired you to pursue a career in the culinary field? My love and passion for food and people. Food is universal and can bring people together from all walks of life. Everyone needs food, and there’s no denying good food! Cooking allows me to play a role in bringing people together.   Who or what has made the biggest influence on you during your career?   Mike Bomberger, he was the epitome of “if you can’t…

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Arts & Entertainment, High Notes


High Notes By Ron Powers   Reimagined DJ cMellow   Dj cMellow’s two-track EP ‘Reimagined’ offers a complete representation of what it is to reimagine or recreate something from scratch. The original idea or essence is what remains, the sound in this case though appears as that of a down-tempo EDM project, ‘Quartettsatz’ as an opener in particular. This trip-hop ambiance unfolds around you with mere snippets of strings lingering in the distance, quite literally re-imagining the organic energy of the original work, by Franz Schubert, as something modern and electronically driven.   The way in which the track begins offers a notable contrast between what was and what became. There’s a slightly haunting level of dissonance at first, but this soon melts away into something of a blissful ambiance, perhaps to be best enjoyed as you watch the sun set on a long day. These flickers of the past continue to appear, seemingly fading into the ether, into the new realm of audio that has taken the emotion and the musical journey of yesteryear and re-crafted it under a fresh spotlight. As the piece moves along, the music offers up the enjoyably hypnotic qualities of professionally built electronica – this gentle, psy-trance-like energy surrounds you, the notes and the rhythm become familiar and comforting. All in all, it makes for something extremely easy to get lost within.   The second stage of the short collection is ‘The Nutcracker Reimagined’, the infamous tones and character of the original piece by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, come through from the title, from the intro, and finally from the last few moments, though again this concept of re-imagining, re-crafting something to be completely new, is a distinct part of the process here. The track that emerges explodes into brightness and high energy, lifting you…

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From the Bay, From the Bay to the Blue Ridge


It’s………SHOW TIME! The Annapolis Boat Shows, an events management company that produces four in-water boat shows and coordinates many boating educational programs, announces its 2018 spring sail and power boat show schedule. “For the past few years, we have strived to make our boat shows more interactive and fun. We have added boating classes, experiential programming, and lessons for the beginning sailor,” said Paul Jacobs, president of the Annapolis Boat Shows. “Our goal is to improve the tried and true boat show shopping experience while expanding in-show maritime activities.” “Our shows include grand prize giveaways, seminars, on-board classes, boat demo rides, and an optional VIP Experience all designed to introduce people to the boating lifestyle. These new and expanded programs have proved so successful that the company is dedicated to continue expanding these offerings in 2018,” said Jacobs. Spring boat shows are just around the corner. Either sail or power, there is no better place to plan a family summer vacation on the water. Always guaranteed to be a fun outing with friends exploring sailboats of all styles and sizes in downtown Annapolis or climbing aboard hundreds of powerboats on Kent Island. For seasoned boaters or soon-to-be boaters, these are the boat shows not to miss. The Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show will run April 20th-22nd. The show features Cruisers University and First Sail Workshops. There are sailing lessons, live music, entertainment, tasting venues, and a demo dock to see all the new water activities and toys. The Bay Bridge Boat Show, featuring more than 400 powerboats up to 75 feet in length, is an exciting annual springtime in-water boat show held in Stevensville, MD at the Bay Bridge Marina. As one of the largest spring boat shows north of Florida, this show traditionally marks the beginning of the boating season on Chesapeake Bay and is eagerly…

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Beauty & Health, First Blush

Fragrance: What to Wear and How to Wear It

By Kim Putens Fragrance: What to Wear and How to Wear It The smell of spring is in the air. With the smell of spring brings about the desire to try a new fragrance. Switching to a new fragrance in the warmer months is like shedding our heavy winter clothes. I’ve even heard of fragrance referred to as woman’s clothing.  And, the type of fragrance notes chosen are referred to anything from a spring dress to a fur coat. Since we are all ready to put our fur coats away after this crazy winter, allow me to guide you toward your “spring dress” and teach you how best to wear it. What to Wear – Warmer months call for lighter fragrance notes – floral, citrus, and clean are most common. Floral is by far the most popular fragrance category. It becomes even more popular when the temperatures rise. Consider floral notes such as gardenia, orange blossom, lily, rose and peony. These are most often found in fragrances. In fact, Casablanca lily is the most popular fragrance note sought out by customers. Citrus Notes – Orange is too fruity, grapefruit too ordinary.  But, bergamot, bitter orange, and mandarin are just right. For a greener smell, look for fragrances that pair citrus notes with green leafy notes. Some examples of common combinations are verbena, lemon and cedar or lemon, basil and oak. Because citrus notes tend to evaporate quickly, pairing them with woody notes will make them last longer. Ozonic (or clean) Notes – When sniffed, these fragrances are reminiscent of the seashore or fresh water. Most often people will refer to them as clean and fresh. The scent will remind them of a breeze coming off the ocean or the way we expect a summer breeze to smell. When mixed with…

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Personality Profile

“Call Me Jon” Peterson

By Frances Killpatrick                 “Call Me Jon” Peterson   Jon Peterson was recently named CEO of Peterson Companies – now one of the largest privately held real estate companies in the Washington, D.C. area. In addition to National Harbor, their developments include Fairfax Corner, Fair Lakes, Virginia Gateway, Downtown Silver Spring, Burke Center, and Tysons McLean Office Park. Milton Peterson, “Milt”, Jon’s father, founded Peterson Companies 52 years ago and Jon, two of his brothers and his sister have long been a part of the organization. The National Harbor development is one of Milt’s pet projects and Jon is carrying on the dream. While Milt passed the baton to Jon earlier this spring, he said, with a smile, “Retired is not the word for my dad. He is doing what he wants to do when he wants to do it and leaving the rest to me.” He acknowledges that his father has been a great mentor. National Harbor is celebrating a landmark birthday this year. The now familiar sight on the Maryland shore is ten years old this month. The Old Town Crier thought it only fitting to profile the man that has taken over the reins. Interviewed in the offices at National Harbor – with their spectacular views of the river, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, and the impressive Capital Wheel (which is fantastically lit at night), with water taxis taking people back and forth between Old Town, the DC Wharf and the Harbor in the background – Peterson spoke of his vision for National Harbor in the next ten years. “Not many people have had so much success in so few years,” said Jon, “There were a lot of non-believers in the beginning. We had to start everything ourselves from the bottom up – the hotels, restaurants, and retail as…

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Beauty & Health, Fitness

Spring Into a New Workout

By Nicole Flanagan Spring Into a New Workout As March rolls into April and the nicer weather starts to make a more permanent appearance it is time to give your workout a make-over. Warmer weather means we get to ditch the long pants and jackets and trade them in for shorts and t-shirts. If you are not feeling quite like you are ready, don’t worry, you still have about six weeks to do a quick over-haul on your existing workout. Many times all we need to bust that plateau is a new workout! If you feel like you are still holding onto a few extra pounds from the winter try some of these exercises and amp up the cardio to get the results you need for the spring. The idea of this workout is to use minimal equipment to get maximum, total body results. All you will need are a set of 5-12 lb dumbbells and either a stability ball or workout bench. – Sumo Squat with Tricep Extension: Stand with feet more than shoulder width apart, toes turned slightly out with a dumbbell in each hand. To get in the start position, bend elbows 90 degrees and bring them beside your ears so the weights are behind your head, palms should face each other.  Maintaining arm position, lower into a wide squat, return to standing position and extend right arm toward the ceiling. Lower the dumbbell to start position. Repeat the squat, this time extending the left arm toward ceiling as you return to standing. Do 12-15reps – Single Leg Squat and Bicep Curl: holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms by your sides, palms facing forward, stand with back to a stability ball with feet hip-width apart. Reach leg behind and place your shin on the stability ball….

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Arts & Entertainment, Gallery Beat

Art Gallery People Watching

By F. Lennox Campello I’m always harping in this column about how 21st century artists and galleries must go to art fairs. And one of the more eye-opening things in attending an art fair is seeing the dynamics that go onto the decision to buy a piece of art.  Put together a few thousand people, most of them paying an entry fee to enter the fair, an assortment of international dealers, and a huge diverse variety of art offerings and it’s an education in people watching. The married couple:  “Do you like it?” “Yeah, I like it- it’s just what we’ve been looking for.” “Where would we put it?” “We have a couple of spots that it’d fit.” “Do you really like it.” “Yeah, how about you?” “Yeah, I kinda of like it.” “Should we get it?” “If you want it.” (five minutes later) “Let’s think about it.” “OK” [To me] “Do you have a business card?” The couple (not married): Her: “Do you like it?” Him: “Sssoright” Her: “Where would we put it?” Him: “Dunno.” Her: “Do you really like it.” Him: “So’OK.. Yeah, how about you?” Her: “Yeah, I kinda, sorta, really like it.” Him: “Dunno though” Her: “What? You don’t like it?” Him: “If you want it.” (5 minutes later) Him: “Let’s think about it.” Her or Him: “OK” [To me] “Do you have a business card?” The Single Woman (SW) with a Woman Friend: SW: “WOW! Now, I really like this!” Friend: “Yeah… it’s nice” SW: “It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!” Friend: “I have a friend who does work just like this…” SW: “I am really drawn to it!” Friend: “Are you really sure you like it?” SW: “Uh – yeah!…why? Don’t you like it?” Friend: “Yeah… it’s OK” SW: “I think it’s really good… I think it’s the first piece in this whole show that I really like.” Friend: “There’s a few more booths we haven’t seen.” SW: “I think…

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