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What’s the big deal about life lines?

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By Peggie Arvidson

What’s the big deal about life lines?

After 13 years of reading hands professionally the biggest question I hear is about Life Lines. The horrible mistruth that your life line is only about how long you’re going to live is, ironically enough, is dying a slow death.

Doing my part to nip the myth in bud, here’s the down low on Life Lines, and some of my own beliefs about life in general. You’re welcome.

  1. Life lines could just as easily be called “earth” lines or “grounded” lines. Life lines really help a reader see how grounded you are in your physical body at the time of your reading. (What?! You didn’t know your lines can change?)
  2. Life lines should be reflective of all the other lines in your hands. If your heart and head lines are wispy with lots of other little lines cutting in and out, so too will your life line. That doesn’t mean you have a wispy life, it does meant that you may tend to be more “in dreamworld” when it comes ot your day-to-day life. Conversely, if your lines are all deep and well-etched that can show you may be very grounded, but really hate it when things change!
  3. Life lines also show how you show up in your day-to-life. So a short life line doesn’t mean anything about the lenghth of your life, but it could mean that you’re quick to jump from one thing to another, often without much forethought. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means that you may want to do a quick assessment of how things are going in your life right now. Are you meeting your goals or do you feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels because nothing seems to get finished?

Now a few thoughts about Life in general.

Who is to say what “long” and “short” life is? Losing someone you love (human or pet) is never easy. I’ve wished that my people and pets were still here on this side of the veil so that I could see them and hug them more times than I can count. In the grand scheme of things, spiritually speaking – What if we actually had a tete-a-tete with the Creator before we were born and decided on the paramaters of what we would do, who we would meet and what pain and suffering, as well as joy and happiness we’d encounter, including a few possible ways for us to check out of the whole Earth plane? Then we arrive in Earth University and forget about the chat with the Creator and suddenly it’s time to check-out.

Has anyone every told you, after a loved one died unexpectedly, “You know it’s weird, it’s like they said their goodbyes before they left on that hike. No, really, when they said good-bye, they looked at me in such a way and, I don’t know, it just felt so different.”

That’s the soul’s way of acknowledging that their work is done. That their time is coming and they are consciously or unconsciously saying their goodbyes. It is still sad and devastating to be left behind after they’ve crossed over! That doesn’t mean that their life was short though. It might mean it was the perfect length of time.

Conversely, have you ever watched a loved one suffer for years with an ailment? They go through treatments, they suffer indiginities and generally are not enjoying the quality of life we wish they could – as much as we want them to stay with us, the knowledge of their deep physical suffering can be overwhelming. You may watch them for months or years. You may be called to the hospital or hospice to be with them when you believe it’s their time. Yet they heroically hang on. Until everyone is gone.

There are countless family members and friend who regret heading home for a quick shower, or out for a cup of coffee, only to come back and find that their loved one has crossed over. They worry that they were alone or longing for them. The soul was ready to leave but the human with that soul couldn’t do it with their loved one/s right there, so they waited until they were alone.

Do you remember Mattie Stepanek? (If you don’t, please look him up right now!) That boy changed lives around the world during his very short life. Here was someone who knew he wasn’t going to be on the planet long, and he did everything in his power to change the world for the better.

When it comes to reflecting on a long or a short life, and when people call me in fear that their life line is short and therefore they are going to have short life, I remind them that they have the choice to have a meaningful life in every minute that they are here. I also gently insist that every minute they are worrying about the length of their life, they are missing the opportunity to live it.

So, how will you ensure you’re life is well-lived, no matter how long it lasts?

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