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Social Media Fails of 2017

Social Media Fails of 2017


We are only a few months in, and there have already been some hilarious and painful social media fails. Listed below are just a few of the many!


McDonalds: On March 16th the fast food conglomerate tweeted to its 150,000 plus followers, that Donald Trump was “disgusting” and pointed out his “tiny hands” and wished Barack Obama was back in office. It was later discovered that McDonalds twitter account had been hacked and they were further investigating the incident.


Department of Education: On February 12th the Department of Education tweeted a quote by civil rights activist and NAACP founder W.E.B Du Bois. Yet the Department of Education spelled it as W.E.B DeBois. To make matters worse, in their apology they proceeded to tweet, “Our deepest apologizes for the early typo.” Finally, they were able to get their grammar game together and tweeted, “our deepest apologies for the earlier typo.”


CNN: On Feb 3 CNN tweeted, “Faith Hill is releasing an album of duets with The Notorious B.I.G, 20 years after his murder,” Faith Hill, a country singer, took the tweet in stride by saying how, “awesome” that would be. Yet, it was actually Faith Evans, who had been married to The Notorious B.I.G, who would be releasing the album.


Sean Spicer: We are not totally positive if this tweet by Sean Spicer was his password, but on January 26th he posted “n9y25ah7.” Seems likely, just because it fits under the Twitter password criteria that requires a minimum of six characters.


Yahoo Finance: Yahoo Finance was taken by the notorious “b” and “n” keyboard proximity. On January 5th, Yahoo Finance meant to post, “Trump wants a much (b)igger navy: here’s how much it will cost.” Yet the “b” was an “n” which caused an uproar on Twitter, the post was up for more than an hour.


Donald Trump: On his first day of presidency, Donald Trump tweeted, “I am honered to serve you, the great American people, as your 45th President of the United States.” As President, you would think spell check would be a major concern.


PWC Consultant: PWC Consultant Brian Cullinan was working backstage at the Oscars, his only job was to make sure the right envelopes with the winners got in the right hands. He was even told to stay offline to avoid distractions. Yet, he was too busy tweeting and gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope which resulted in one of the biggest blunders of Oscar history.


If these are just the few of the blunders caused in 3 months, who knows what the rest of the year has to bring!

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