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Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats

Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats

By Lani Gering

Take a Step Back in Time!

Business Profile-Brandon & GigiI have been curious for quite some time about the story behind two guys I met a year ago walking around National Harbor in dapper plaid Bermuda shorts, stylin’ button front shirts and bow ties. Not exactly the normal attire you see on a regular basis. They are none other than Brandon Byrd and his side kick Rozell Moore of Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats. Byrd is the Founder and CEO of one of this Nations’ top 4 Food Trucks and the #1 Dessert Truck (according to the Food Network) and Rozell is his Operations Manager.

“Goodies” is the DC areas first and only “Vintage Mobile Eatery” operating out of a refurbished 1952 Metro Van named “Gigi”. Rumor has it that another van named “Rudy” is in the works and he will be serving up coffee and donuts. In addition to Gigi, they have a kiosk on American Way in National Harbor and operate out of a space in the basement level in the USDA South Ag Building on 14th and Independence Ave SW. This is where some of the absolute best frozen custard I have ever tasted is made fresh daily. I spent my fair share of time in that same building and all that was on that floor when I was there was the Credit Union!

To quote their Mission Statement: “We are founded on a pioneer spirit of character, integrity and high quality; our company is dedicated to excellence in products and service to our customers.” When you meet Brandon and Rozell you will see that they live up to this statement. I haven’t had the pleasure of being served my usual Root Beer Float from the likes of Gigi but I have seen them in action at the kiosk in National Harbor.

They say it best in the description on their Facebook page:

Business Profile - Rozell at KioskBusiness Profile -NH kiosk“Goodies represents a time and place where town’s people said “hello” and most folks knew the milkman’s name…a place where honor and integrity lived and a handshake was as good as any contract! “Made in America” evoked a sense of pride quality and craftsmanship…”heavy metal” referred to classic Ford and Chevy muscle cars and Detroit was known as the “Motor City!”

Goodies takes us back to that simpler place and time where passion, integrity, quality and customer service were more than mere words. A time period when Dick Clarks’ American Bandstand dominated TV; and Rock & Roll artists like Ray Charles, Little Richard, Elvis, Fats Domino and Chubby Checker ruled the jukeboxes.”

Bus Profile-Donut SundaeAll of the above is true. All one has to do is follow the good music flowing out of the kiosk along American Way or emitting from the interior of Gigi to find a true All American treat. There have been several times when I have passed by the kiosk and there have been visitors and customers dancing their legs off. It really does take you back to a happy place.

Let’s get to the good stuff – the custard! It is handmade DAILY by Byrd and Moore in the Ag building location and then packed up and “trucked” around town and delivered to the National Harbor location. I don’t think that I can actually describe just how good the custard is. My favorite way to eat it is in their Old Fashioned Root Beer Float made with Sprecher Gourmet Root Beer! In addition to the “Pick and Pour” floats, on their menu are shakes, sundaes, peach cobbler and donuts and combinations of them all. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I hope those on this page are enticing enough for you to seek them out.

Sundae2Goodies has been the recipient of many awards and the subject material of many spotlights in all of our local media outlets as well as some nice national coverage. Byrd and his associates are well deserving of all the accolades that have been bestowed on them. He is a self-made entrepreneur who doesn’t take his success for granted. If only there were many more business people out there like him. For more information about Goodies check out their Facebook page or log on to their website at

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