Summer Roundup

By Chris Anderson   Summer Roundup   2016 has already become legendary, the universe claiming the lives of a seemingly endless number of musical icons. To add further insult, 2016 has not been a benchmark year, as far as recorded music is concerned. Few major artists have released albums this year (that I haven’t already […]

A Dinghy Diary

A Dinghy Diary by Molly Winans A few evenings ago, while docking after a sweet sail and sunset, a friend and I were on deck, preparing to retrieve dock lines, discussing nostalgia. I had just told the crew about how our stormy and then overcast trip home from Oxford felt autumnal to me, except for […]

Caribbean Rum Helped Win the First Wild West

Caribbean Rum Helped Win the First Wild West by Jeff McCord With autumn upon us and winter around the corner, some Virginians may have thoughts of hot rum toddies sipped before roaring fires as cold winds sweep past storm glass windows. Beyond such soothing imagery, though, rum played a very real role in Colonial America’s […]

Behind the Bar: Mo El-Nakeeb

Mo El-Nakeeb     Vola’s Dockside Grill & Hi-Tide Lounge 101 North Union Street 703-935-8890         How did you get started in the bartending business? I never thought I would end up a bartender, never liked drinking a lot, and I didn’t think I had the gumption for it. At the time […]

Can the Shape of the Glass Enhance the Taste of the Wine?

Can the Shape of the Glass Enhance the Taste of the Wine? By Felicity Cloake It doesn’t seem long ago that merely owning wine glasses was enough to mark one out as a sophisticate of the highest order. Such affectations were for professional establishments like the local pub: at home we drank out of cloudy […]

Waterfront Dining at Dusk

By Lani Gering Waterfront Dining at Dusk While doing one of my “walk-abouts” here at the Harbor last week I really took note of what a beautiful waterfront we have now. With the addition of the Capital Wheel and its nightly light show and the back drop of the Wilson Bridge and the Masonic Temple […]

Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats

Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats By Lani Gering Take a Step Back in Time! I have been curious for quite some time about the story behind two guys I met a year ago walking around National Harbor in dapper plaid Bermuda shorts, stylin’ button front shirts and bow ties. Not exactly the normal attire you […]

Hunting in Hunt Country

Hunting in Hunt Country by Julie Reardon They don’t call our area of the Blue Ridge “the hunt country” just because of the foxhunting. Horses and hounds begin their informal training hunts, called cubbing, in September, after spending the past few weeks getting ready. And local hunters have been honing their skills for other game […]

National Harbor September Events

National Harbor September Events   Saturdays & Sundays Through October   Farmers Market American Way 10am – 5 pm Miller Farms Farmer’s Market returns to National Harbor with their wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, beautiful flowers and plants, and much more.   Tuesdays thru September   Turbo Kick/Cardio Kickboxing On the […]

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert         Nice weather has finally arrived and the heat of summer is becoming a memory. As fall creeps in the time for outdoor events and festivals are in the air. In addition to the 14th Annual King Street Arts Festival and Art on the Avenue (Oct. 1st) that are happening here […]