From the Bay to the Blue Ridge, National Harbor

Get Ready to Place Your Bets in 2016!

By Lani Gering

MGMNationalHarbor_Aerial_from_SouthwestI have to admit right out of the gate that I had one heck of a time getting inspiration for this months’ National Harbor column. At first I was going to wax poetic about one year ending and another beginning but I went down that path in the January 2015 column! Then I was going to write a little bit about the new businesses that have popped up over the last few months and then decided that would be something better suited for the Harbor to advertise so……after fielding 20 questions about the MGM Grand that is being erected on the Plateau, I decided to start the year off with an update. Thanks to my friends in the MGM Public Relations office, I have some decent information.

The photos accompanying this piece are renderings of what is to come. I considered taking a picture of the construction but that really is pretty boring since it is still in the framing stage.

For those who don’t already know, in a nut shell the MGM National Harbor is the newest addition to MGM Resorts International’s portfolio. It is touted as having an “unrivaled setting offering stunning panoramic views of the eastern shore of the Potomac River in Maryland”. I find it interesting that in the press information they don’t mention the fabulous view of Old Town and the monuments that those guests staying on the west side of the hotel will enjoy as well. The resort is a 1.3 billion – yes billion – dollar project that includes a 24-story, 308-room hotel featuring “premier amenities and experiences for locals as well as visitors from around the world. The casino will cover over 125,000 square feet that includes slots, table games and poker; a world class salon; an entertainment theater with flexible seating for up to 3,000; high-end branded retail; 27,000 square feet of meeting space and restaurants from renowned local, national and international chefs”.

MGMNationalHarbor_VIP_Entry_NightI wanted to highlight the hotel portion of the resorts accommodations in this column. We will talk about the casino and restaurant portion in future columns. To be honest, that is what I am looking most forward to since I live almost next door to the place!

The following information was provided by the resort. I figure that they know best about what we are going to expect since I can’t actually comment on something that I haven’t seen:

Taking inspiration from the nation’s capital, MGM National Harbor embraces a thoughtful design approach while catering to the modern expectations of today’s discerning travelers.

“The room designs are just the first peek into the incredible collection of amenities we’ve curated to create an unparalleled experience for locals and visitors from around the world,” said MGM National Harbor General Manager Bill Boasberg. “In an area steeped in tradition, MGM National Harbor will honor the region’s legacy through its design elements while creating a sophisticated resort experience.”

The architectural vision of MGM National Harbor embodies a contemporary, bold and progressive design achieved by seamlessly integrating natural materials to create simple, yet elegant, spaces.

GUEST ROOMS: A Luxurious Retreat

As they enter their 400-square-foot retreat, guests will be greeted by a serene setting that blends the resort’s surrounding geography with comfortable, functional design.

MGMNH_KingRoom_20150730074600293Featuring light-colored woods and monochromatic earth tones, the rooms, designed by Studio GAIA, will invite the outside in to create a streamlined and refreshing environment.

Floor-to-ceiling windows will immediately seduce guests with natural light and breathtaking views of the city’s landscape. The spacious guest rooms will be stylish and refined with meticulous attention to detail throughout every corner of the space, from the stunning floor-to-ceiling millwork throughout the room to the functional desk space and comfortable seating area along the window wall.

In keeping with the resort’s conservation-minded approach, motion sensors in each room will automatically adjust temperature and lighting to save energy when guests are not present. Advanced technology in all rooms will remember guests’ temperature and lighting settings when exiting the room and resume those settings upon their return. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology will be standard throughout all rooms, enabling guests to conveniently stay connected to family, friends and business colleagues while on the road.

MGMNH_ModelBathroomMHMNH_BathhroomDetailEach elegantly appointed guest bath will feature floor-to-ceiling millwork similar to that of a yacht’s interior, while dual vanity sinks will be set within a dramatic polished black countertop.

Creating a sensual shadow play between the bathroom and bedroom, the shower will become a focal feature as it radiates a subtle opaque white light. Guest bathrooms will integrate sustainable features including LED lighting in the oversized mirrors as well as custom polished chrome low-flow, water-saving fixtures.

Thoughtful artistic touches will be featured throughout the resort and in the guest rooms. Just outside each bathroom, a distinctive piece of artwork inspired by the historic Washington, D.C. region will add to the overall ambiance of the room.

In addition to 234 standard guest rooms, MGM National Harbor will offer a premier selection of 74 suites ranging in size from 600 – 2,000 square feet, up to the luxurious 3,600-square-foot Presidential Suite.

I was actually hoping to get a more concrete answer as to when they are looking to up and running but the best I could do is “the second half of 2016” so I guess it could be July 1st or December 31st. I am hoping it is closer to the July date. Construction has been clipping right along especially since there hasn’t been any real inclement weather so far this year and if it keeps up like it is now (70 degrees on Christmas) they should be way ahead of the game.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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