Virginia’s Favorite Wineries Announced

By Frank Britt What makes a tasting room special to winery visitors? According to subscribers of the Official Virginia Wine Lover on-line publication who voted for Virginias Favorite Tasting Room, the answer is (1) Friendliness of the tasting room staff, (2) Attractiveness of the tasting room location, (3) Staff’s knowledge of wine, (4) Proximity of […]

2015- What a Ride!

By Bob Tagert For those of you who read us on a regular basis know that each month I write a Road Trip article as I venture away from Alexandria and explore what this region has to offer. As is my custom, each January I recap the places visited last year, so climb on board […]

From the Vault

By Miriam R. Kramer From the Vault The president’s hair is much grayer and his problems and detractors have multiplied since I wrote the column below in January 2009. Much has changed. For example, in 2009 I had not yet experienced the overwhelming opportunities for knowledge and distraction embodied in the iPhone and iPad: devices […]

Sea to Shore Activism

By Steve Chaconas   Covering fishing’s conservation issues for 30 years, Robert U. Montgomery has told the stories, others can’t or won’t, to preserve and protect the outdoors for future generations.   High school English/journalism teacher dabbling as a freelancer, Montgomery cranked out articles and sent them to every editor. In 1982, Southern Outdoors Magazine’s […]

Publisher’s Notes

Well we have made it another year. After 28 years in business, we begin year 29 with the issue that you hold in your hand. As a lot of you know, what started out as idle talk one afternoon at Bullfeathers Restaurant (where O’Connell’s is today), has become one of the region’s most widely read […]

How to Serve Wine 101: Tips on Choosing the Right Glass

How to Serve Wine 101: Tips on Choosing the Right Glass Seems like serving a wine should be easy enough: Just open and pour. But anyone who has ever struggled with a crumbling cork, or listened to a debate over whether the Cabernet they’re drinking needs to “breathe” more, knows that sometimes it’s not quite […]

Indoor Plant Health

By Jimmy Deaton   This month we are going to focus on the health of your indoor plants.   Keeping your plant healthy goes a long way toward keeping pests and diseases at bay. A majority of the time those little buggers and diseases will attack a weak or stressed plant before a healthy one […]

Why Adopting an Older Pet Makes Sense

By Sarah Liu & Cindy McGovern “Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”- Sydney Jeanne Seward   While the quote refers to dogs, the same can be said of cats and for that matter, any animal. Who can resist an adorable kitten or puppy? The ball of fur sprinting […]

Winter Beauty Care

By Kim Putens The holidays are over and the winter blues have set in.  You looked fabulous getting through the holiday parties, the trips to see Santa, and the late-night shopping adventures, but the hectic schedule and craziness have left you feeling blah.  So, here’s how to survive the winter blues and look good doing […]

January King Street Cats Calendar

King Street Cats Adoption Calendar for January 2016   For details please see our Website:   Or contact us via email at:   King Street Cats 25 Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Every Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm-4.30pm   Pro Feed Bradlee Shopping Center, 3690 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302 Every Saturday and […]