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Most Things Irish – Taytos, Hobnobs, Salmon and More!


I am fortunate to meet some really interesting people through my work with the Old Town Crier, and I have heard some stories along the way.  Most businesses we highlight are just around the corner where you can drop in and check them out for yourself.  This edition, in honor of the Irish and St. Patty’s Day, we are lifting the curtain and introducing the man who provides the fine foods we enjoy at local restaurants around Alexandria, Washington, D.C, and Maryland.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Fergus Kennedy, owner of Kennedy MTI (Most Things Irish).  A true gentleman, Fergus and I met for a beverage at O’Connell’s in Old Town.  I imagine our conversation could have gone on for much longer had I not had another commitment to get to, and there would have likely been some cheese tasting involved.  In the short time I spent with him, I had the chance to learn about his passions – his business, his music, and his family.  I’m sure anyone who knows Fergus would agree, that he is authentic, smart, and can attribute his great success in business to the relationships he has formed along the way.

Fergus founded Kennedy MTI in 2005; with a passion for fine food and years of experience in the wholesale food industry, he was determined to source products of quality and value to this community. Born and raised in Strabane, Ireland, Fergus has carried his family’s Irish traditions overseas to American restaurants and some of our favorite local spots. It is his priority to provide great tasting fine food – “from their family to yours”.  (I learned in our conversation that he means that very literally.  When I mentioned my Dad – who lives nearby – is more of a smoked salmon fan than I am, he kindly offered to bring him some of his finest product.)

Fergus and his team will go the distance to meet the needs of their clients. Although, going the distance doesn’t sound like such a bad deal when it means visiting Ireland a couple times a year. Kennedy MTI provides a vast range of foods, specializing in Irish and Scottish award-winning smoked salmon, a variety of fine cheeses from “old world European” to fresh domestic, and traditional Irish meats from the butcher’s block.

Whether it is the kosher, all-natural, never frozen salmon, or the a-la-carte cheese selection, Fergus and Kennedy MTI can help you impress any guest for your St. Patty’s Day or March madness event (which is quickly approaching). The food is straight from local farms to your table – as promised!

Brendan's Voyage, Photo Credit © Chester Simpson
Brendan’s Voyage, Photo Credit © Chester Simpson

Many of you may already know Fergus through his music or because you’ve been fortunate enough to hang out with him around town. When he is not working or with family, you can likely find him playing shows with his band, Brendan’s Voyage.  Slated to play at O’Connell’s on March 1st after Old Town’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, they are ready to help the community celebrate and get into the Irish spirit!  On March 15th Brendan’s Voyage will be playing at Chataeu O’Brien, a local winery in Markham, VA from 12-5pm. Staying close to home for the holiday?  Celebrate with them at The Dubliner on Capitol Hill March 16th to March 22nd, and have a very happy St. Patty’s Day!

To learn more about Fergus and the products offered by Kennedy MTI visit and follow them on Facebook.

Written by: Elizabeth Jones

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