Notes from the Publisher

Publisher Notes – December 2013

Bob at the opening of the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord.
Bob at the opening of the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord.

A sure sign that winter is on the way…winterized my sailboat last month.  Luckily it was 52 degrees at the time and not the mid-20’s that we had a week later.  I have heat on the boat, but I still have to force myself to check on the boat when it is cold.  The cold also signals the end of another year, but some things start anew.

The Old Town Theater has their restaurant in place and a new schedule for the rest of the year and next year.  Check it out…it is a beautiful facility with varied entertainment…and right here in our town.  Prices are pretty good too!

Since this is a season for our teeth to chatter, Liz Jones profiled the business of Dr. Frinet Kasper, DDS in her column this month.  Relatively new to the area, Dr. Kasper is wasting no time in making us all have a bright smile.  Speaking of smiling, that is just what restaurant showcase writer Vince Arrunategui is doing right now as he has taken a month to hike in South America.  With Vince gone, we grabbed a few friends and visited Saphron Restaurant in Prince Frederick, Maryland.  Read about low country food in Dining Out.

Sylvia Winterling took on the task of writing about her Christmases through the years in her Personality Profile column while Lori Welch writes about Christmases past and present in Single Space.  My Road Trip is, as is every December, takes on a home for the holidays theme…a look at Old Town during December.  As in the other historic towns of the region there is much going on.  Learn not only about Alexandria, but also Julie Reardon takes us To the Blue Ridge and Molly Winans takes us From the Bay with reflections of holiday activities in Hunt Country and along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

It is great to see our friend Kathy Coombs behind the bar once again.  Check her out at River Bend Bistro as Chester Simpson featured her in his Behind the Bar profile this month. Many of you will remember her from her many dedicated years serving us at Landini Brothers here in Old Town.

With Christmas coming it is a time of giving.  Remember those less fortunate, and if the cold weather starts to get to you, crank up a rendition of Kenny Chesney’s hit holiday song…”All I want for Christmas is a real good tan!”

In keeping with the theme of this months publishers notes picture, let me close with:“Merry Christmas to al and to all a good night!”

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