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Dr. Frinet Kasper
Dr. Frinet Kasper

If you are anything like me, you put yourself and the personal ‘to do’ list on the back burner too often, and especially during the holiday season.  I sympathize.  Who has the time to finish holiday shopping, eat organic, get eight hours of sleep, and do things like visit the dentist as often as we should?  (For those who appreciate foreshadowing.)

How do you justify the “me time”, you ask?  I’ve always referred to it as the oxygen mask theory, and I should disclaim that I am not the originator for its metaphor.  We all know the rule of thumb; place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping the person next to you.  For those who prefer ground transportation, the lesson is that in order to meet the demands of school, work, kids, pets, and life, sometimes you have to put yourself first.  So what is the best gift we can give this holiday season?  Dental care.  No really, I am not joking.  Read on, because visiting the dentist will benefit you in more ways than you know.  (Also, it is probably on that ‘to do’ list, so you can call this “research”.  Way to multitask!)

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Frinet Kasper, owner of Old Town Dentistry, located in the heart of Old Town at 1203 Prince Street.  Frinet has been practicing dentistry for almost 20 years and supports my “oxygen mask” theory when it comes to health.  We met at the office where I was welcomed by the friendly faces of her colleagues.  During our conversation I had the opportunity to hear about Frinet’s professional background and how Old Town Dentistry became home.  Few know that she was chosen by Dr. David Leekoff to be his successor in May 2013 upon retirement at Old Town Dentistry.  Dr. Leekoff established his practice 25 years ago, and the loyal patients not only appreciate the familiar location but also the values of this practice.

Old Town Dentistry is focused on personalized care so patients can address their dental needs and achieve their individual goals.  It has long been an aspiration of Frinet to have a practice that cares for patients’ needs while also reflecting her style and dental philosophy.  She is committed to providing special care for each patient with what she refers to as “a conservative yet effective approach”.

We’ve all had those terrible visits at the dentist where you are told you need (gasp) 10 fillings, but after a second opinion you only need to floss more often.  If you can’t trust your dentist, who can you trust?  Dr. Kasper and Old Town Dentistry believe that respect and trust are a very important part of the treatment they deliver.  They take this relationship-first approach with all of the quality dental services provided at Old Town Dentistry; from cosmetic needs like teeth whitening or invisalign to more involved dental requirements such as crowns or implants.  Frinet appreciates the opportunity to educate people about the services available so that they recognize the value of their teeth and good oral health.

If you were brainstorming your New Year’s resolution, you can remove the thinking cap.  In between the turkey and the New Year carve out some time and make an appointment to visit Old Town Dentistry, and then cross it off your list (for another 6 months).  In a time when we acknowledge the connection between our teeth, our mouth, and our overall well being, it is more important now than ever to put on your oxygen mask (hypothetically speaking).  A visit to Dr. Kasper and her team will be the gift that keeps on giving in 2014.

~ Written by: Elizabeth Jones

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