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Specs New York

By Lani Gering

Who doesn’t love a very cool pair of shades? No one that I know of.

I’ve always thought that you can tell a lot about a person by the style of glasses they choose. Brainy people tend to lean toward the Harry Potter look while the sporty peeps – pun intended – lean toward frames that are more function than form. The creatives in my circle like whatever designer is the most outrageous. Maybe not quite Elton John outrageous but you know what I mean.

Eyewear is an extension of your personality as far as I’m concerned and it doesn’t end with your prescription lenses. In fact, I’m thinking that I lean toward the conservative – think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – while many of my friends lean toward what’s new NOW.

All this being said, Specs of New York covers all of the bases. Many of you might remember that Old Town had a Specs location in the 200 block of King Street a few years ago. Unfortunately, the location didn’t really pan out and the store was closed. However, their location in The District (the shopping district) in the MGM Grand in National Harbor has proven to be a successful endeavor. It has been nominated by Community Votes Alexandria 2023 as a candidate in the retail store category. When I asked the proprietor, Oren Goldberg, how the nomination came about since they are no longer in the city, he said he had no idea but is very flattered. Winners were announced on July 30th.

In any case, the MGM location is very inviting and the inventory is very impressive. They are very proud to handle the latest upscale Dita line. This brand is in good company with Prada, Cartier, Gucci, Tom Ford and many, many other designer lines as well as the tried and true Ray Ban, Oakley and Maui Jim brands. While a good portion of the inventory is very high end, there are many good choices for those of us who want a pair of shades that make a statement without breaking the bank.

Customer service is key at Specs. The day I visited the store, Manager Jheimy Valderama, was assisting a couple with an adjustment to a pair of sunglasses that they had purchased for their son earlier. While they were there they decided that they should treat themselves to a pair. It was a pleasure watching Jheimy assist them in finding pairs that suited them. They were very happy when they left the store to say the least. Who knew that there is a science of sorts in picking out the perfect pair? The Sales Associates at Specs are very well versed in the benefits of different types of lenses as well as being able to help you find a style that fits your face and lifestyle. Turns out I am sort of a Prada girl. Who knew?

As would be expected, this MGM location has a targeted audience. In addition to the casino patrons –you know, the card players looking for glasses that really hide their eyes and those who win big and want to impress – they get a good amount of business from the entertainers that perform in the Theater as well as those that are in attendance. Jheimy told me that Bruno Mars and his signature Ray-Bans generated a significant number of sales.

If you find yourself in need of a cool pair of shades to block out the hot summer sun…this is the place to go. Another bonus of checking out this Specs location is you are in for some amazing people watching. Stay cool!!

Specs New York

MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino

101 MGM National Avenue


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