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Pets of the Month

By Erin Shackleford

Odin – Odin is a 7-year-old male dog whose personality far outweighs his 9 pounds. Let’s be honest. He’s not the life of the party, and he’s probably not scored himself any invitations to this summer’s barbecue. But what he lacks in extroverted social prowess, he makes up for with his deep love and affection for those he bonds with. Think of Odin as the old man in the movie “Up,” a little grumpy at first, but deep down a really good guy. Odin’s initially unwelcoming attitude is due to being a little unsure and scared with new people and situations. Once he’s comfortable with you, he wants nothing more than to sit on your lap, get snuggles and kisses, and be showered with love. Odin has a charming toothy under bite that adds to his charisma. Odin would make someone a loyal and loving companion and protector.

Senorita – Senorita, on the other hand, is a social butterfly and hostess with the mostess! She’s not only the life of the party – she IS the paw-ty! Senorita is a 1-year-old dog who loves to play with toys and other friendly, active dogs. Her favorite party game – tug of war! She would make an excellent, steadfast partner for all of this season’s outdoor adventures – whether that’s hiking, running, or camping. Senorita loves to entertain and show off her tricks. She knows how to sit and will take treats gently from your hand. Senorita is ready to be your plus one to all of this summer’s pool parties!

Pepper – Not into social gatherings at all? Pepper is your girl! This senior-aged black kitty much prefers her quiet time. Sadly, she’s a little stressed and scared at the shelter. Her previous owner reports that she was active and social at her former home. We think when she gets back into a quiet and comfy home, she will blossom back into that lovely kitty once again. She just needs someone to take a chance on her! Pepper does perk up when she sees her favorite treats – Temptations! If you’re looking for a senior companion to keep you company, Pepper would be a wonderful addition to your family.

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