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Pets of the Month

By Erin Shackleford

Ozzie: It’s Ozzie the Prince of Barkness, and this young pup is ready to pawty! Ozzie is just under a year old and has a zest for life that is only matched by his cute looks. Like all youngsters, Ozzie is going to need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to channel his energy for good rather than evil. Despite his mischievous nature, Ozzie is endearing and charming.

Ruby: Ruby is a Satin Angora bunny with luscious locks to rival any metal hair band; although she’s more into hip hop. She is social, curious, and sweet. She is calm, friendly and likes to be held. One of her favorite pastimes while she waits for a home is to be cuddled by the AWLA front desk staff. Ruby loves her snacks of carrots, cilantro and biscuits. Ruby’s hair will need to be brushed regularly, but she rather enjoys the activity.

Mr. Brown: Any mega superstar needs a true and faithful roadie. Look no further than Mr. Brown. This beefcake of a boy has a heart of gold. His playfulness and enthusiasm are contagious. Mr. Brown adores toys and romps in the yard almost as much as he loves people. His favorite game to play? Tug of war! You’ve been warned though … he’s very good at it! He would make an excellent adventure partner, too.

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