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Eric McNair – Insurance Broker, Athlete, Adventurer….

By Bob Tagert

….and all around really nice guy. After thirty five years of publishing the Old Town Crier it is always nice when I encounter an experience like meeting Eric. Not only did I meet an impressive young man but he reduced my insurance premium on my two vehicles by almost 70% percent! Let me explain.

I had just had my insurance premium with a well-advertised company double two months ago. Luckily, one evening I went over to National Harbor to visit friends at The Irish Whisper. As I was sitting on the terrace enjoying a cigar, a nice young man sat next to me and we engaged in a conversation. When I discovered that he was an insurance agent and handled property and casualty coverage I asked him about my vehicle insurance. When I told him what my premium jumped to he was shocked. After he obtained a couple of quotes from companies he represented, I made my choice and for much less money and I got more comprehensive coverage. Needless to say, I thought that this young man would make a great business profile.

Eric is originally from Washington D.C. but when he was very young his military dad was transferred to Texas, so the whole family moved to the Lone Star State. In 2016 at the age of 25, the family returned to Maryland. Eric’s first introduction to insurance was when his mom, who is a financial advisor introduced him to an Allstate insurance agent that she worked with. “I worked for him for two years and made him so much money that I decided to go into the business myself,” Eric tells me.

Eric shortly established himself as an Allstate insurance agent but after three years he didn’t like being a captive agent (an agent that can only write business for one company) so he sold his agency. Eric wanted to represent a number of companies so he had choices and could compete against himself rather than other agents and companies. “Yeah, you know, if your rate gets increased for whatever reason I can shift you to another company that I represent, that way I can serve my client and retain a customer,” he says. “I want to do the best that I can for my customers”, he continues, “you know, not being greedy, I just want to get them the best rate and coverage and also educate them about insurance. A lot of people don’t really understand insurance.”

I also think that since Eric’s mom is a financial advisor, she has given him some good advice along the way…after all, insurance is an integral part of a comprehensive financial plan. It is clear in our conversation that he loves and respects his mother.

Eric’s next move was to associate himself with a great brokerage firm and he settled on Goosehead Insurance Agency based in Texas. With this arrangement he gets all of the technical support that he needs and he has his own territory here in the mid-Atlantic representing many companies as an Agency Owner. While he is required to maintain a “store front”, he says it is a rare occasion that he goes to his office suite. He carries his laptop with him at all times and is there for his clients almost 24 hours a day. He told me that on his last trip to Greece he tended to business the whole time he was there – making the adjustment for the time difference was the only small challenge.

Don’t think that Eric is all work and no play. The first time we met to discuss insurance he was on his way to spend a day on the Potomac River with some pals on a 44-foot powerboat. He also is an avid bowler and carries a 209 average. The day we met for this interview he was going bowling later that day. He texted me later with a photo of his score board…bowled a 268 game. His best game ever was a 299…he left one pin standing the whole game. Eric is also an avid golfer who plays a consistent 82. While he was in Key West a week ago, he shot a 76. Very good indeed.

Like I implied at the beginning of this piece…sometimes you get lucky. I got lucky meeting Eric McNair. It is refreshing to see a young man – he just turned 30 in April – take such pride in his profession and see how focused he is on helping people regardless of their needs. His parents definitely raised an amazing young man. He put his upbringing to good use by maintaining a stellar work ethic and focusing on family and friends. There are good things for Goosehead and Eric McNair on the horizon.

If you are looking for an alternative to your current insurance coverage, you might be well served to check in with Eric to see if he can assist you the way he did me.

Eric McNair, Agency Owner

Goosehead Insurance

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