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Wine – Food & Art – Wine Gallery 108 Has It All!

By Lani Gering

We were in a bit of a conundrum about what type of small business to feature in this issue since we try to stay with the monthly “theme”. Not a lot of local businesses that cater to Presidential Stuff since America closed on lower King Street and Mount Vernon isn’t exactly a small business. So we decided to go the Valentine route and what says “I love you” better than a few chocolates and a lot of bubbly? Wine Gallery 108 has them both.

It is always a pleasure to see the owner, Lisa Katic, every month when we drop off her copies of the OTC and it has also been rewarding to watch how her business has weathered the brunt of the pandemic. Fortunately for her, many people needed wine almost as much as they did toilet paper to get through those first months of the Covid craze.

Lisa purchased and rebranded what was formerly Altura Wine and Gourmet in mid-2018.  She made significant changes and additions that morphed into the fun, eclectic space that is the epitome of a boutique winery. Wine Gallery 108 features fine wines including organic vintages, craft beer, artisanal foods, local art and handcrafted gifts. The items that she has chosen to accompany and compliment the wine she sells are very unique as well. She recently added coasters that feature her artwork and some other branded items.

Her wine selection features quality vintages in all price ranges. You can find a very good bottle of wine for $14 as well as the more pricey labels at a good value. This month you might want to pay special attention to the Villa Jolanda ‘I Love You’ bubbly and the Wine Gallery 108 caramels with sea salt and Miss Maude’s Chocolates. I purchased both after our interview and they are both amazing. Miss Maude concocts her chocolates here in the Commonwealth in Richmond. They are unique to any I’ve had in a long time and worth checking out. Another sparkling wine that caught my eye while I was there was the Spy Pig Sparkling from France. The label is fantastic. I really need to go back and get a bottle – Lisa said it is a good French sparkler for the mere $14 it costs. This is the perfect Valentine gift for the significant other that has been snooping your texts or stalking your Facebook page. Just sayin’!

The tastings are back every Friday and Saturday and special events will be announced each month. $40 per month gets you 2 hand selected wines and $60 gets you 2 slightly elevated hand selected wines paired with gourmet selections. All levels receive discounts on purchases and an invite to the monthly Wine Club pick-up party with food, tunes and a taste of the featured wines.

There are several choices in Old Town for good wine – almost as many as there are for coffee – but I encourage you to make a visit to Wine Gallery 108 if you haven’t been and give Lisa’s inventory a try. Something she has that the others do not, is her beautiful art displayed throughout the store and a quirky sense of humor and welcoming demeanor that will make you want to go back.


Wine Gallery 108

108 North Patrick Street

Old Town Alexandria


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