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Bring On 2021

By Lani Gering

Bring On 2021

Happy New Year Everyone! Unfortunately 2020 isn’t behind us as I write this but I have high hopes that 2021 emerges with lots of positive things, including restrictions on indoor dining being lifted in PG County. As I write this, indoor dining has been banned and capacity in the shops has been reduced until January 13th. My question is….what in the wide world of sports happens on the 13th that makes it “OK” to open back up? It is ridiculous when restaurants in surrounding counties and across the bridge in Alexandria can still offer indoor dining. Without indoor dining, many of the eateries in the Harbor cannot function. Take out and the minimal outdoor space many of them have will not generate enough income to keep them open. Right now, about the only entity in the Harbor that the new mandate doesn’t affect is the Wheel and the Flight Deck. They operate outside and the pandemic protocols they have had in place pretty much since the inception keep their patrons safe. Sitting by the fire pit with a hot beverage and good friends is always a good time. (See their winter special in the sidebar).

I don’t want to start off the year with a “Debby Downer” column, so let’s concentrate on what you can do at the Harbor.  In addition to being able to take a spin on the wheel, there are some restaurants that have the capacity to keep outdoor, semi-enclosed, heated dining available. We can only hope that the January weather is as pleasant as much of December has been. Your best bet is to check with the restaurant of your choice before heading to the Harbor to make sure they are open-especially during the week. No need to set yourself up for disappointment upon your arrival. Several of the shops remain open with reduced capacity and the statues along American Way and the sunsets will be welcoming you to come take a stroll.

Photo Courtesy of Waymon Meeks

Let’s do our best to support the businesses in the Harbor and the surrounding areas so they can keep their doors open. January and February are usually slow in good years and adding the pandemic just adds insult to injury. It is important that we do what we can. For updates on everything related to the Harbor, you can monitor their facebook page and website –

In the meantime, wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance and let’s get that vaccine circulated so when springtime emerges we can get back to semblance of “normal”!


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