Notes from the Publisher

Publishers Notes September 2020

Publishers Notes

By Bob Tagert

The Publisher with longtime friend and owner of Ingleside Vineyards & Winery, Doug Flemer, in the Courtyard.

Will we ever get a break from this heat? September, hopefully will begin more fall like weather. Can’t wait to get out on the water without feeling like I’m being parboiled. Fall sailing is the best.

I would like to welcome our friends and former clients, John and Holli Todhunter, as new residents in Old Town. John and Holli recently sold their Virginia winery – Three Fox in Delaplane, VA – and are back in the urban swing of things. Welcome Guys!

With the beating we are taking with recent hurricanes, it reminds me to mention Hurricane Bob’s Hot Sauce. Developed by local resident and friend, Bob Yakely, this is a fantastic sauce that comes in various categories of HOT. Look for his ad in this issue.

Let’s preview a few of the columns in this month’s issue: Points on Pets, Jamie Stephens gives us some insight on the considerations to make if you want to adopt a feathered friend. To the Blue Ridge, Julie Reardon brings us up to date on “Racing through the Corona Pandemic” and how to watch the rescheduled Kentucky Derby. Exploring Virginia Wines, Doug Fabbioli takes us through the steps of blending wines. From the Trainer, Ryan Unverzagt gives us a perspective on Bodyweight Training. Gallery Beat, Lenny Campello reminisces about the “Art Video Age”. A Bit of History, Sarah Becker relates the success of the COVID-era as seen through the eyes of Ben Franklin. The Last Word, Miriam Kramer takes us on a wild ride through the legacy of Agatha Christie. Open Space, Lori Welsh Brown gets a chance to scream and let it all out. Can’t say I blame her. We are living in a very stressful time.

On that note, how many of you lived through the 60’s and 70’s and the riots and demonstrations on the Vietnam War and the murder of Martin Luther King? How many of you watched 14th Street in D.C. burn? I was here for that. The Kent State Massacre in Ohio? Have things changed or gotten worse?

In the meantime, stay cool, keep wearing that mask and washing those hands, and let’s pray that this last quarter of the year is full of good things!


A friendly reminder, early voting in Virginia begins on SEPTEMBER 19th. The polling place for Old Town Alexandria residents is across from City Hall on the North Royal Street side. Check with the VA Department of Elections ( to find your early polling location. Get out and VOTE!

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