July Pets of the Month

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is open by appointment only to keep our staff and community safe. Learn more about our adoption process, pet pantry and more at AlexandriaAnimals.org.

Squeak, Male, Adult Gray Mouse

Squeak’s name may sound small, but this little guy packs a big personality! Always one to poke his nose out for a new visitor, Squeak’s social nature makes him a great friend, and his love of caves and hides to burrow in means his future family will have endless decorating opportunities. If you’d like to meet Squeak, visit AlexandriaAnimals.org/Adopt to learn more!

Amani, Adult, Spayed Female, Gray and White Domestic Shorthair

Amani means “peace” in Swahili and that’s what she’ll bring.  She’s a sweet, shy girl looking for a calm household with a cat-sized hole in it.  You can gaze at this lovely piebald tabby with amber eyes while she adjusts to her surroundings, taking in the wonder of her new family.  If you have a patient heart and a gentle temperament, Amani will reward you with sweet understanding. To learn more about adopting Amani, visit AlexandriaAnimals.org/adopt.

Java, Adult, Spayed Female, Brindle Pit Bull Terrier

Look at those sweet puppy dog eyes!  While she’s no longer a pup, Java can still melt your heart with her big brown eyes and the softest, velvet ears.  Java is a lovable, loyal companion and just wants to please.  She is the ultimate food-motivated dog and will learn new tricks quickly with treats. Java can be hesitant with new people, places and noises, but she’ll follow your lead if you calmly introduce her, involve treats and allow time for her trust to be gained. To learn more about adopting Java, visit AlexandriaAnimals.org/adopt.

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