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Fabulous Felines – Peppercorn, Remy & Lulu

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By Lani Gering

Fabulous Felines – Peppercorn, Remy & Lulu

June is officially Adopt –A-Cat” or more specifically Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month and we normally publish info about it in the Points on Pets section so you may wonder why this info is appearing in the space that normally houses the Personality Profile. Well, since we don’t have to wear masks or interview them from six feet away, we decided we would profile our two favorite adoptees and introduce you to two very deserving kitties who are in the very capable hands of the volunteers at King Street Cats (KSC) but are in need of finding their forever homes.

Peppercorn Kitty aka Pepps aka PCorn

We will start with the diva. She lives with the OTC publisher, Bob Tagert, in Old Town and is considered both “his” and the “office” kitty. Peppercorn was a year old when adopted and has resided with him for about 2 years. She had some pretty impressive paw prints to fill after the loss of his other rescue, Buddha. Buddha lived to see her 18th year and passed away from old age. When he decided to get another kitty, he headed to KSC just to see if there was another kitty that may be “just right”. When I asked him how he chose Pepps he told me, “When I first went to King Street Cats I really didn’t know what to expect. Cats yes, but such an array or personalities, colors and attitudes. On my first visit I was taken by a black cat, a rather large tabby and Peppercorn, who is a beautiful mix of tortoise shell and orange tabby. As I mingled with the animals it became clear that they were eying me as well. Most went about their business but the aforementioned began to cater to me. They would come closer and jump up on a cat tree to be nearer my face. They were sizing me up. I stayed there about an hour and Peppercorn grew attached to me, and I to her. I would make my decision on a return visit. A few days later when I returned, there was Peppercorn front and center in the window looking for me and that’s when I found out she had been saved from a kill shelter in Prince Georges County. That sealed the deal. I grew up in Princes Georges County, so this was like coming home. She has since become my buddy. She can also be annoying with small head butts but I think she is more trying to love me.  I always know that if I am gone for more than 4 hours she will be waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I get home to greet me.”

Pepps has an odd request on a daily basis – she begs people to watch her eat. Bob watches her when he feeds her in the morning and when she meets me at the top of the stairs she leads me back to her food station. Stop by the office if you would like to watch a feeding.

Enough about Peppercorn. She found her forever home and has several humans who love her very much. Let’s have Remy and Lulu introduce themselves.


Hello friends! My name is Remy. First of all, let me dispel a myth about age, just in case that seems like a deal breaker to you. It’s not! I am full of life and I am all about love. Very simply put, I am a people lover. I was born with an affinity for the company of my human friends and despite the many changes and challenging circumstances that I’ve faced, I remain a loving, affectionate boy who will seek out your company and purrrr happily when we are together.

I am remarkably adorable in person. I have short, plush and silky fur in snowy white with a little honey-colored cap on my head and matching drops of honey elsewhere and beautiful green eyes.

Please consider how much love I have to give, what a good boy I am, and how many memories we can share together. I would love nothing more than to know that I am cherished and loved in a home of my own.


Hello cat fans! My name is Lulu. I’m a gorgeous tortoiseshell girl with short, silky fur marbled with very dark chocolate (almost black) and caramel coloring. I have bright clear eyes that change from green to gold depending on the light. I have to admit that I’m a bit on the chunky side now, so I hope you’ll help me SLOWLY slim down on a healthy, grain-free diet of wet food. I am happiest without other cats around. I want to be yours alone so we can enjoy each others’ company.

I’m not quite as old as Remy but I agree with him about age. Nine years old may sound “old” to you. It’s not! Cats live well into their teens. I was happy to hear that Buddha lived to be 18. I’ve got a human friend here at KSC who told me that her 10 year old cat has the fastest reflexes she’s ever seen – much faster than her younger cat!

I am quiet, loyal, well-behaved, loving and affectionate. If you asked me what makes me happiest, I would tell you this – having my very own purrson to bond with!

Both of these kitties are *FIV+ and are considered senior cats at ages 12 and 9 and came to King Street Cats with dental issues that have all been resolved. They both require high quality grain free canned food (readily available at the store) and Remy takes medication daily like a champ. You will need to have a vet that is familiar with the particulars of FIV+ cats. They are both ready to find their forever homes. If you can’t adopt them, pass the good word on to someone who might have a place in their hearts and homes. Complete profiles can be found online at or obtained via email at

*FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) is not the same as Feline AIDS. It is not the same as the human forms of HIV or AIDS. You cannot catch it, and their care requirements are no different from what any cat lover does for his or her cat companions.

American Humane celebrates Adopt-A-Cat Month® each June – a month that also marks the height of “kitten season,” when large litters of kittens are born and often end up in animal shelters.

More than ever, they need our help. Not only are thousands of newborn kittens joining the millions of cats already in shelters, but a lack of foot traffic, funding and supplies at many shelters struggling to maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic further threaten these beautiful animals and their hopes to find a forever home. To help, American Humane is devoting the 45th annual “Adopt-a-Cat Month®” to encouraging animal lovers to adopt a “pandemic pet” from a shelter, contribute to our “Feed the Hungry” campaign, which is delivering hundreds of thousands of meals to shelter animals, and learn more about the joys (and responsibilities) of adding a cat – or two – to their families. To learn more about American Humane and their “Feed the Hungry” campaign log on

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