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It’s Goldfinch. Period! “A Curated Collection of Curiosities”

By Lani Gering

It’s Goldfinch. Period!

“A Curated Collection of Curiosities”

Did you know that “goldfinch” is not only the name of a cute North American bird but is also a paint color that happens to be a favorite of local designers Jamie Brown and Jeff Akseizer who opened a beautiful retail store in the north end of Old Town – Goldfinch.

The store opened in March of this year but they waited to have their grand opening in mid-September and we were very happy to be on the A-list. It is a bit off the beaten path when you consider that the major portion of the retail in Old Town is located on King Street or within a block or two of it but it is well worth checking out. The inventory is beautiful and top notch.

Goldfinch is best described by the owners as “A luxury home, lifestyle and gift boutique – Goldfinch Home+Lifestyle presents a scintillating environment of enviable gifts and curated curiosities.” The collection of “curiosities” for your home includes art and antiques, home décor and gifts, designer lighting and a fabulous collection of scents for the home as well as the likes of purses and jewelry and many other accessories for your person. The table setting that is currently on display is amazing. The photos accompanying this column tell part of the story but don’t do justice to seeing the store in person.

The inventory in the store is sourced from artisans all over the world and is handpicked by Jeff, Jamie and Store Manager Marlene Cabezas. They have several one-of-a-kind pieces and it is evident that they are extremely proud of their wares from the way they talk about them. I visited with Marlene and Jamie when doing the sourcing for this column and it was a pleasure to talk to people who are passionate about what they are doing. Many of you readers may recognize the Alseizer name since they are involved in many other architectural and design ventures in the metro area – they even have a video production business. When I asked Jamie what prompted them to open a retail outlet, he said with a grin, “We did it for fun. We do a lot of entertaining and we love décor and for years we wanted to open an interior shop and put our spin and our style on it. We didn’t open it to make money.”

Shopping in Goldfinch is a very pleasant experience in itself – almost like going to the spa with the music in the background and a welcoming scent that immediately puts you in a good mood. On top of the tunes and smells, if you are lucky the “real boss” of the store will be on the premises. 12 year old Lulu – who is one of the cutest little French bulldogs that I’ve ever met – will greet you at the front of the store sitting on her throne (actually it is a very comfy chair) with her felt crown adorning her sweet head. Jamie told me that she goes everywhere he goes so I guess that makes her a real “working dog”.

While the “North End” is in the beginnings of some nice transformation much like the Parker Grey District in Alexandria, having a store the caliber of Goldfinch open in the area is a fabulous start.

You may notice from one of the interior shots that there is a (.) period behind the name on the logo. When asked what the significance of it is….”Once you’ve been here, you don’t need to go anywhere else,” says Akseizer with a slight, giddy smile. “It’s Goldfinch. Period.”

806 N Fairfax Street

Old Town Alexandria
(571) 970-3049

Open Daily except Mondays

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