Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert

I have lived in this area for 68 years and I cannot remember sustained days of 100 degree temperatures like we had last month. Let’s hope August is more pleasant. Hopefully you are in a nice air conditioned space while you peruse this issue.

In the From the Bay section we visited the three otters that reside at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, Maryland. Native to the area, they are seldom seen as they sleep all day and eat and play at dusk and dawn. To beat the heat, Miriam Kramer tells us in Last Word about three books worth reading this month. In Personality Profile, Michael McLeod writes about third generation shepherd Tom Wilson and his Border Collies (cover photo). In Exploring Virginia Wines, Doug Fabbioli talks about the art of farming as a Virginia wine maker. In this month’s Open Space, Lori Welch Brown lets the heat get to her and writes about flared tempers and also touches on the reversal role of father/daughter caretaker role. In A Bit of History, Sarah Becker relates to the Character of a Nation. In Dining Out, we visited an Alexandria original, Shooter McGee’s Restaurant, which is celebrating 40 years of watching us all grow up. This eatery and classic bar has stood the test of time and has thrived through the years. Road Trip takes us through the farming countryside of St. Mary’s County to beautiful Leonardtown, Maryland. Where once tobacco was king, today’s farmer grows the traditional crops but vineyards are beginning to spring up and corn is grown to make whiskey, and Leonardtown sits in the middle…”a Most Convenient Place”.

The Old Town waterfront is once again graced with our own Tall Ship. The Providence proudly sits at the end of GH dock at the north end of the waterfront. You can read all about her in this issue.

Be sure to check out our new “Best Happy Hour” page in the Dining Out Section when looking for that afternoon libation. They are taking on a new life in Old Town and having a tall, cool cocktail at a good price is another way to beat the heat during these Dog Days.


  1. Patricia Murray says:

    Dear Mr. Tagert,
    Regarding the “Road Trip” taken through the farming countryside of St. Mary’s County to beautiful Leonardtown, Maryland. You have mentioned the Shepherds Oldfield Market.
    I see that you mentioned the Brudergarten and shops but you failed to mention the cafe/deli called “Botanic” which is a significant coffee, breakfast and lunch cafe experience. I was wondering why?

    Concerned Customer

    • Thanks for reading us. Am sorry you didn’t feel comfortable enough to sign your name. There was no intention to “slight” any of the businesses. We didn’t have space to mention everything in that cool market place and the Botanic looks like a great place for a bite to eat and some coffee. I loved the signs they have up! Will buy something from the shop next time we are there. – Lani Gering

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