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Bloomers In Old Town

By Lani Gering

Bloomers In Old Town

Bloo*mers /bloomerz/(Noun) – Women’s loose-fitting knee length underpants, considered old-fashioned.

While the name is quite catchy, this Webster’s Dictionary definition of “bloomers” doesn’t necessarily hold true when it comes to this fabulous little store.  I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole White, the relatively new owner of Bloomers here in Old Town Alexandria. She will celebrate her 1st anniversary as a proprietor this May. Located on the corner of King and Patrick Streets, Bloomers is a little over 600 square feet of space filled with ladies underwear, sleepwear and loungewear. Not necessarily lingerie, but still very pretty with the benefit of being very comfortable and practical. The photos featured with this column pretty much tell the story.

Nicole and her staff strive to make Bloomers a place that customers feel comfortable shopping in and where bra shopping isn’t a chore. I don’t actually know anyone who has ever said they couldn’t wait to go shopping for new bras – you know, the kind that actually fit and that you wear on a daily basis!  This is a place that you won’t be intimidated when you try them on and the staff is well versed in helping you find the right garment for your size. Not all bras are created equal. I will be the first to admit that I haven’t actually tried a bra on in a store since I got my first training bra in 1967. I don’t know anyone who has actually tried on under pants either but I am sure it’s the same drill as trying on swimwear. They have a fabulous selection of panties as well. They have some very fun brands in stock that are way sexier sounding that “Maidenform” and range from names like Boobeez and Commando to Hanky Panky and Belabumbum. The names alone are reason enough to stop in the store!

Bloomers also handles some very cute sleepwear and loungewear that, according to their website, you can actually answer the door in and I agree. On top of bras, panties and sleepwear, they have a nice selection of slips – yes, some women still wear slips – and hosiery. And lastly…but definitely not leastly…they have a significant selection of shapewear. Sometimes referred to as “solution products”, they pretty much have something to cure any outfit malfunction you may have. Spanx still appears to be at the top of the shapewear food chain. There are pieces that slim you, push you up and just hold you in all over. If you have that cute “little black dress” that is just a tad too snug or maybe a bit of stubborn cellulite you just can’t get rid of, this is the place to find a cure for both.

As one might expect, the Valentine’s Day stock is on the shelves and in the windows and there are some very fun and just sexy enough items for everyone’s taste. If you haven’t been in the store, treat yourself and tell Nicole that we sent you.



924 King Street

Old Town Alexandria


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