Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes January 2019

By Bob Tagert

As we begin our 32nd year of bring you the Old Town Crier Regional Magazine we have many things to be thankful for over the years. Most significantly our advertisers and the great people who have worked with us, for without either, we would have failed. We also owe a great amount of debt to those of you who read us and make us one of the most widely read publications in the region. It is our readers who our advertisers want to reach so……we appreciate you for picking us up each month.

As in years past, our Road Trip column this month is a recap of our treks in 2018. Amazing to reflect on the miles we have traveled. As you think of places to visit in the new year, please keep our winery friends in your minds and hearts as they have just come through the rainiest year on record making it one of the worst years in history. Show them some love and buy some wine for those chilly winter nights.

This past month we picked up a new advertiser and made a new friend…Casey Jones of Fair Winds Brewery in Lorton Virginia. A very interesting guy that you can read about in the Personality Profile column. Welcome aboard Casey! In Business Profile meet Lisa Katic, “Chief Wine Taster” at Wine Gallery 108. Check out the Grateful Kitchen Company for a change of pace and experience in Dining Out. On how to be happy, read the “one-page cliff notes” version in Molly Winan’s column in the From the Bay section.

As I write this on December 23rd the sun is bright, there was a full moon last night and the sky was clear, and temps will hit 50 degrees today. This is a wonderful change from the miserable rain we have had in the last few months and, I hope, a sign of things to come in 2019…we need a break.

Here is wishing that everyone has a fabulous New Year and that you embark on all sorts of new adventures as we begin another trip around the sun!

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