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Pets Of The Month December

Cupcake – Senior, Spayed Female, Domestic Shorthair

Cupcake is a sweet as the most delicious frosting with sprinkles on top! This delightful kitty is currently residing in one of our staff offices at the shelter. Her officemate reports that Cupcake has been an amazing work buddy and is incredibly affectionate! She snoozes in a soft bed on top of the desk next to the keyboard so that her friends can still get work done (if they must…), but also give her chin scratches and ear rubs during their breaks in productivity. Cupcake is a fabulous cat, who doesn’t ask for a lot from her people. She just wants to be with you and keep you company, whether you’re working or playing. If you are looking for a sweet buddy to satisfy your snuggle-tooth, Cupcake is your gal!


*Thanks to a generous donor, my adoption fees have been paid!*


Parkour – Young Spayed Female, American Pit Bull Terrier

Our sweet girl, Parkour, just had a quick weekend vacation at a foster home and here’s what they had to say about Parkour in a new home environment. “Parkour still has some puppy playfulness, and relishes long walks followed by long naps. She believes that humans make the best pillows. Parkour will rest her head on your arm or leg and softly snore for hours. If the weather’s cool, she’ll want to snuggle. She might need to hold your hand during a scary movie.”


Parkour can’t hide her sweetness for long. Her smile will spread to everyone she meets. She’s smart and curious. She starts a new experience with a little apprehension and quickly becomes comfortable. WMATA busses changed from “big, loud, scary monsters” to “something to keep an eye on” in a just a few days. Parkour is polite and friendly when meeting other dogs but might not like to live with one.


Alfred – Young, Neutered male, American shorthair rabbit

Alfred is a lovely young man, who came to the AWLA as a transfer all the way from Florida! This sweet boy has travelled far and wide to find his family, and can’t wait to go to his new forever home. If you’re looking for a bunny to add to your brood, let Alfred charm his way into your life!

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