Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert

Here we are in the middle of summer. Whew! July brought us some warmer temps if not just down right hot. Hopefully August will cool off a little bit but I have my doubts – it is the Dog Days of Summer you know! I guess by looking at the cover this month you may have been given a big clue. The “About the Cover” goes in to detail about these two cool canines but I wanted to take some space here to extend our sympathy to Jackie Bogle Meuse and her family in the loss of Roo. He was hit by an automobile a few weeks ago and didn’t make it. Jackie is the proprietor of Little Washington Spa in Washington, VA. She is going to be donating 20% of what you spend with her to your favorite animal charity if you mention the Old Town Crier this month. You can treat yourself and some furry friends all at the same time. See her ad in the Health and Fitness section.

Road Trip takes us back to Solomons, Maryland, but through different eyes than mine. It is a thoughtful approach to one of my favorite places. We are also looking forward to checking out some of the places in Rappahannock County that we missed last month. Be sure to see the Rappahannock ad layout in the To the Blue Ridge section where Julie Reardon writes about the fruit and vegetable bounty available this time of year in the region.

We will no longer publish Civil Discourse. Doug Coleman has supplied us information about the Civil War for the past four years, which is a huge feat. Like myself, a lot of readers will miss his monthly contribution. One writer leaves and another comes on board. We are happy to welcome Nancy Bauer as our new Grapevine contributor. You will enjoy her take on VA Wines as much as we do – I am sure!

Don’t forget to find a good place to check out the solar eclipse that occurs on August 21st. Looks like it will take place around noon or so in these parts. It is a once in a lifetime occurance! From where we are it will only be a partial eclipse where only a portion of the sun will be blocked out by the moon but still worth a watch.

Stay cool my friends………….

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