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Pets of the Month

Mya Papaya (A069976): Meet the smiley Mya Papaya! Mya Papaya is a nine-year-old Bulldog mix who weighs about 75 pounds. She usually needs a few minutes to warm up to strangers, but once she does she’s as sweet and silly as can be! Our staff and volunteers have enjoyed getting to know Mya Papaya and learning lots of things about her. For instance- she offers a beautiful “sit” whenever there’s a yummy treat in your hand! We have also learned that she does not like other dogs and will need to be the only pet in the home- but trust us when we say that she’ll give you all the puppy love you could hope for! Some of her other favorite pastimes include: laying in the grass, soaking up the sun, and going for leisurely strolls through the woods.


Eduardo (A069182): Introducing Eduardo! Eduardo came to the AWLA as a stray in October and he is still looking for his new home. He is a dashingly handsome kitty with medium-length hair, estimated to be about two years old. We have learned quite a lot about Eduardo’s likes and dislikes over the past few months. For example, when he was housed in an office here, we discovered that he makes a great desk ornament where he enjoys supervising your productivity and keeping you company. He has also shared with us that he does not want any dog-friends, or even dog roommates for that matter, just some lucky humans who will give him plenty of chin rubs and playtime. Because Eduardo does have a little bit of an edge to him, we think he would be happiest in an adult-only home. If you think this charming cat could be the one for you, come fall in love with him today!


Calix (A069246): Hi, Calix! Calix is a male English Spotted rabbit, estimated to be about six years old. He was transferred to us with several other rabbits from an out-of-state hoarding case in October. Because Calix was not provided with much socialization, he is currently in a foster home to help him learn some people skills.

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